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What I Keep and Use in My Place of Wellness

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

In shamanic terms, we talk about having a Place of Wellness. This is where shaman healing practices are performed such as counseling, energy healing, and in my case, life coaching and tarot reading sessions. But, it’s also a place for self-healing, meditation, and a sanctuary for your soul.

I always urge my own clients to set up their own Place of Wellness at home. It can be a whole room or a special corner in the bedroom dedicated to spiritual work. In this place, you can place artifacts that have special meaning for you, healing tools, and décor that resonates with your spirituality.

I thought I would share with you, my readers, what I keep and use in my own Place of Wellness so that you can do the same if you wish to.

1. A Laughing Buddha

One of the first things I see every time I enter my Place of Wellness is my jolly Laughing Buddha. It immediately lifts my soul and makes me feel happy and joyful. Having a Buddha statue in your home enhances the positive energy of the room and placement is essential. According to Feng Shui, a Laughing Buddha should be placed facing the main entrance to the home.

A Buddha statue brings tranquility to any room and is ideal for meditation and yoga spots.

2. Candles

I have candles everywhere in the room and in all sizes and shapes. Whenever I am doing a tarot card reading or a healing meditation, I light my candles. They’re also very useful for cleansing rituals and for keeping the energies of the room stable.

Candles create a wonderful ambient and when I need some extra-soothing energy, I light them to help calm my mind.

3. My Grandmother’s Hand Mirror

I was recently gifted my grandmother’s beautiful silver hand mirror. It’s decorated with intricate patterns and it sits on my table next to the chairs where my clients sit. Why would I keep a mirror in my healing room? Because it’s the perfect tool for helping clients do mirror or shadow work.

While I may not ask them to actually hold the mirror, keeping it close to them sets the intention for the work to be done.

4. Crystals

I have crystals all over my room. Most of them have been gifted to me and each one has a very special message for me. Crystals are used in all forms of energy healing practices and having them in your room elevates the vibrational levels of your space.

Crystals can also remove any negative energies, keeping your healing space safe and protected.

5. My Shaman Wand

I love my shaman wand (and so did my nephew who used to wander around the house with it waving it like a magic wand!) I made my shaman wand using a 25-inch stick and adorning it with feathers, colorful beads, little crystals, and porcupine quills.

This wand is a wonderful tool to use during meditation to increase your vibrations and help you take shamanic journeys into different worlds.

6. My Pendulum

My pendulum is a wonderful guiding tool for when my clients are seeking “yes/no” answers. I also use it for healing and for increasing my vibrational energy when I want to channel someone. The pendulum is a powerful tool and needs to be treated with respect.

I do use it to help me and others make decisions but one must be aware that your own energetic levels can hamper the responses!

7. Tarot and Oracle Cards

What would my Place of Wellness be without my tarot and oracle cards? These are my essential tools when working with clients doing inner work. But, I also use my cards to give me guidance, wisdom, and inspiration every day.

8. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Whenever I switch on my Himalayan salt lamp, I can feel the soothing energies settling in! No Place of Wellness should be without one and it also gives off a beautiful pink glow, adding a calming ambiance to the room.

A Himalayan salt lamp is a wonderful tool for calming down frazzled clients and balancing their energy waves so they can focus on their session with me.

8. Dreamcatchers

All my dreamcatchers have been handmade either by myself or my partner. They make beautiful wall décor and I always feel deeply connected to nature and my spirituality whenever I look at them. They also play their role in healing with feathers being an essential tool used by all healers alike.

9. Natural Artefacts

Nature is the core of my soul and to reinforce its presence in my life I collect natural artifacts and keep them in my healing sanctuary (and everywhere else in the house!) I have seeds of all sorts gathered during trips into the bush and, stones and pebbles collected from places throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania.

Birds’ nests, feathers, porcupine quills, sticks, and shells are other natural artifacts that I keep in my room.

10. Incense Holder and Sticks

I use incense every day whether I am meditating, consulting with a client, or simply want to improve the energy of my home. These beautifully scented sticks come in a wide range of scents and my favorites are patchouli, cherry, vanilla, white sage, jasmine, and lavender.

11. Smudging Sticks and Smudge Wand

I make my own smudging sticks using our local imphepho. It has a wild, earthy smell and is perfect for performing cleansing rituals. I use a large Walberg Eagle’s feather as my smudging wand to spread the smoke throughout the room I’m cleansing, I also smudge clients who request a body cleanse and re-balancing of the chakras.

12. A Grandfather Clock

When my father passed on, I inherited his grandfather’s Grandfather Clock. For years my father kept it working and every night I would hear the chimes on the hour ringing through our home. Unfortunately, it no longer works but it has a special spot in one corner of my Place of Wellness. It gives off an ancient, shamanic air and for me, it’s symbolic of time being simply an illusion.

13. Comfortable Furnishing

You need to be comfortable in your own Place of Wellness and I have two lovely armchairs for myself and my clients. I also use my chair when I meditate. I have a large, old dining table which is my desk and holds everything from pictures to natural artifacts to my laptop. I also sit at my desk when I’m writing in my journal (journaling is another excellent healing tool, by the way!)

Final Thoughts

The beauty of having a Place of Wellness is that you have your own space to practice your spirituality on a daily basis. It’s also a place for keeping and using a range of healing tools. Your Place of Wellness is a reflection of YOU and this can be done by displaying special objects, pictures, and other artifacts that resonate deeply with you.

A Place of Wellness can also just be the corner of your bedroom. You can place a meditation cushion, a prayer mat, or a small comfortable chair for you to sit and ponder on your own spiritual connection. Decorate the space with objects that have deep symbolism and meaning for you.

By having your own healing sanctuary, you’re giving yourself a spot for allowing yourself to heal through inner work, meditation, and self-care. It’s also a healing space for clients if you’re a healer yourself. Have fun creating your own Place of Wellness by starting it today!

This post was originally published on June 10th, 2021, and updated on September 23rd, 2022.

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