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Cleansing the Home – Why You Need to Do It and 17 Tips to Doing It

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Everything around you is part of your energy field including your home. Life happens and it’s very easy for your energy field to become stagnant and blocked up. When this happens, you’ll feel drained and weighed down as you try to navigate dense and negative energy. When you’re aware that your energy field is blocked, it’s time to do something about it.

To improve the space around you, at home, you need to sort out the energies that have become cluttered in your environment. It’s one thing to clear out the cupboard but what else can you do to restore and balance your home’s energy field again? And, how do you know it’s time to do something about your energy blockages?

What Causes Negative Energy in Your Home?

By being aware of what causes negative energy in your home, you can start to do something about it. The following can contribute to a buildup of negative energies in your home:

  • You’ve had an argument with someone in your home

  • Outsiders such as friends, family, and even the handyman can all bring negative energy to your home

  • You or someone in the home is chronically ill

  • You’ve been grieving the loss of someone (through a breakup or death)

  • Clients with whom you consult can bring in negative energies

  • Your pets have been or are ailing

  • Objects holding blocked energies

  • Clutter and dirt

  • Major upheavals such as a new baby or changing jobs

  • Neighbors who are always fighting

The following signs will also tell you it’s time to cleanse the home:

  • You’re always arguing or feeling angry

  • You’re feeling depressed and anxious

  • You’re constantly falling sick

  • Your pets are always out of sorts

  • You’re always feeling tired and stressed

  • You battle to sleep at night

Why You Need to Cleanse Your Home

Your home should be a place to come back to and relax. It should be harmonious, peaceful, and energetically balanced. Your home is your sanctuary where you can escape from the crazy, outside world and find some soul-restoring time. But, while you may make every effort to keep it your haven, you can’t always expect everything to go smoothly in your home environment!

But, if you can manage the energy field in your home environment, you’ll have a better chance of creating a peaceful space for yourself. By being aware of what causes the negative energy to stack up in your personal space, you can make efforts to minimize or manage these energies. And, when the signs are telling you it’s time to cleanse the home, you know what needs to be done.

Here are 17 tips for cleansing your home so you can keep your sanctuary as comfortable and harmonious as possible.

1. Let the Fresh Air In

One of the simplest ways of ridding your home of negative energy is to let the fresh air in. This can be done by opening all the windows and doors allowing outside air in. This also means all the negative energy can move out.

While this may not seem feasible in the winter months, even opening the windows for 30 minutes every day will make a lot of difference to the energy field inside your home.

2. Shake Out the Bedding (and everything else)

Before making your bed every morning, give your bedding and pillows a good shake-out. Imagine all the negative energy that has built up over the night being firmly chased away! I also like to go around my home and shake out the sofa cushions, our dog’s bedding and blankets, and small rugs.

The curtains get a good jiggle too and any other loose coverings that can be lifted and aired out.

3. Clean the House Regularly

The buildup of dirt and dust on our floors from everyday traffic can lower the vibration of your home. Doing a regular sweep with a broom or vacuum helps to shift the dirt and restore some of the positive energy in your home.

Remember to also dust your furniture and clean all the countertops in your kitchen.

4. Burn Incense

I burn incense often especially after cleaning the house, having a client in my consultation room, or having visitors. I also like to burn incense before guests come to visit. It’s amazing how often we’re told our home has a peaceful atmosphere!

Incense has been used since ancient times to cleanse any environment of negative energies and elevate vibrations.

5. Perform a Smudging Ritual

Another regular cleansing act I perform is smudging. This is an extremely powerful way of shifting stagnant and blocked energies in the home. Use dried herbs such as rosemary, lavender, or sage wrapped into a bundle or stick. Light with a match and use a feather to fan the smoke around the room.

Read my article about making your own DIY smudge sticks or purchase from an online store or local shop.

6. Fix Broken Objects

When something breaks in the home, it should be fixed to restore its good energies. Broken objects including your appliances, lighting, and infrastructure of the home, should always be repaired as soon as possible.

Anything broken creates stuck negative energy so if you can’t repair it, toss it out.

7. Use Salt

Salt has wonderful cleansing energies and placing a tablespoon of sea salt in every corner of your home is a good way of shifting stuck energies. Dissolve some in water in a spray bottle and regularly spritz your home with a mist of sea salt. Use salt dissolved in water to clean surfaces in your home and line your front door entrance with salt.

A Himalayan salt lamp is also a good way of clearing negative energies in the home.

8. Declutter Often

It doesn’t take long for stuff to build up in a home even if you’re making every effort to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Declutter often and shift things you no longer need in your home. This could be as simple as ensuring all packaging is taken to recycling depots or clearing out the cupboards every few months.

Magazines, newspapers, piles of bills, and flyers often end up cluttering up our tabletops. Sort through them and toss or give away what you no longer need.

9. Use Essential Oils

Lift the spirits in your home by spritzing it often with citrus or herbal essential oil products. Orange, lemon, lavender, and mint are all wonderful fragrances that smell delicious while also carrying healing properties.

You could also use dried lemon rind or lavender stalks, placed strategically around the home to give off a wonderful aroma while shifting any bad energy.

10. Put Crystals in Your Space

Crystals give off powerful vibrations and when placed into your home space will help to remove stale and negative energies. It’s a good idea to use crystals known for removing blocked energies such as rose quartz, black tourmaline, or hematite.

Remember to also cleanse your crystals often as they can become stagnant themselves.

11. Clean Antique or Second-Hand Objects Often

Antique objects and furniture can hold onto very old energy that becomes blocked. The same applies to second-hand items. If your home is full of antiques, hand-me-down furniture from your grandmother, or you love to collect second-hand objects, make sure you cleanse them.

This can be done by using sage smudging sticks or giving them a good wash when you first receive them in your home.

12. Play the Drums

Playing the drums is a good way of moving the energy around in your home! But, you can also make a noise by clapping your hands or banging rhythmically on an empty can, bucket, or even a bottle.

Perform a ritual by starting outside your home and moving around the perimeter of your house while playing the drums or clapping your hands. Enter the house through the front door, and move through each room by walking alongside the walls as you make a noise. Open all the windows and doors so the negative energy can move outwards as you shift it.

13. Bring Plants Into Your Home

Keep flowers in a vase or have indoor plants scattered around the home. I love orchids and always have one in our dining room, in my consultation room, and in our lounge. I also have echeverias growing in sunny spots in my lounge and kitchen.

Herbs growing on a sunny windowsill is another good way of bringing plants into your home to restore the positive energy in your house.

14. Use a Bell

Ringing a bell in the corner of each room and at the entrance is another good way of shifting bad energies. This is an ancient practice and was used in the past to send away evil spirits. The sounds of a ringing bell shift stagnant energy out while welcoming in good energy.

I use my singing bowl to create a similar effect to ringing a bell whenever I do a cleansing ritual for my home. It's a wonderful tool to have in any home for cleansing rituals, meditations, and healing practices.

15. Move the Furniture Around

This was a favorite pastime of my mother and my father always knew he was in for a busy weekend when she announced it was time to move furniture! But, moving furniture is a good method of unblocking stagnant energies by freeing up space for a better flow.

It’s amazing how energy can get stuck under couches, behind bookcases, and even under your bed. By moving the furniture you’re releasing all this stuck energy while creating a lighter feeling in the room.

16. Keep it Tidy

A messy home will always make you feel stressed! Keep every room tidy even if you don’t use a particular room often. Make your bed every morning before you start your day. Put away clothes and keep dirty laundry in a basket, out of sight, before washing day.

Wash dirty dishes and put them away as soon as they’re dry. And, keep the coffee table free of clutter. A messy home builds up bad energy very quickly so keep it tidy always.

17. Be Mindful of Your Home Decor

Paint the walls in neutral or gentle colors to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. I like my furnishing to be as natural as possible while our décor also includes our collection of natural objects from excursions into the wild.

Vibrant colors come through in our scatter cushions, Kashmir bedspread, and blankets. You can also bring in joyful colors in your sofa throws and carpets. Being surrounded by beautiful décor goes a long way to creating a tranquil home with good energy.

Watch this powerful video that talks about the power of an authentic home.

Final Thoughts

We often forget our home can be a sinkhole for negative energy! This is why it’s essential to cleanse it often so you can enjoy your personal space by turning your home into a peaceful sanctuary. Cleansing your home also keeps your mind, body, and soul balanced, giving you a sense of overall well-being.

This post was originally published on September 24th, 2022, and updated on October 31st, 2022.

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