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Alternative Healing With Crystals for Dogs

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

For many of us humans, using crystals as an alternative source of healing is a given. Shamans and other spiritual healers have used these beautiful stones for thousands of years to restore the balance of our bodies, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

But can we use crystals to heal our dogs whenever they’re struggling with an imbalance in their bodies?

According to animal healers who use crystals as part of their healing tool kit for dogs, the answer is a resounding YES! Just like us two-legged beings, our four-legged BFFs will also benefit from some crystal energy for overall well-being.

Energy Medicine: Crystals

It’s already known that crystals are a wonderful type of energy medicine for restoring one’s emotional balance. But, did you know that this energy medicine has been used since ancient times to help horses, cats, dogs, and other animals when healing?

Healing practitioners, who practice energy medicine, use crystals in many ways and forms to support the healing of animals and their human owners.

How Do Crystals Help Dogs?

When using the right crystal energy, this alternative medicine can help your dog in the following ways:

  • To manage high levels of anxiety and depression

  • Relax them if they're nervous when they go walking and undergoes training

  • To be more comfortable around strangers

  • Assist them to socialize better with other dogs

  • Alleviate muscle and joint pains

  • Improve skin conditions such as eczema

  • Soothes allergic reactions

  • Promotes healing of abscesses, wounds, and other sores

It’s always highly recommended you take your ailing dog to your vet for a thorough checkup before implementing any healing treatment yourself. The benefit of using crystals as a healing tool is that they can supplement any treatment plan your vet puts in place for your dog if necessary.

How to Use Crystals to Improve Healing for Your Dog

You may be wondering how to use crystals to improve healing for your dog. It’s quite simple really but here are some suggestions you can follow.

Wearing Crystals

Once you’ve identified the best crystal for your dog’s health condition, you can find ways for him to wear it. This could include attaching it to your dog’s collar or sewing it into a jacket if he’s wearing one.

Placing It By Their Sleeping Spot

You can put the crystal next to or in your dog’s bed as long as there’s no risk of him eating it! You could always tie it to the bed or sew it into the cushion. Make sure it’s out of the way so they’re not uncomfortable lying on it.

Put It In Their Crate

If you leave your dog in a crate when you’re out during the day or he sleeps in it at night time, then you could place the crystal in the corner. Make sure it’s placed under the padding of the cushion and out of harm's way. Another option is to place the crystal on top of the crate.

Keep Crystals In Your Home

Keeping different crystals around your home will send out the energy healing your dog (and you!) needs. Find the right spot for your crystals in your home environment by standing still while holding the crystal at certain points in the room. Use your intuition to guide you to the best location for placing the crystals in each room.

Warm Up the Crystal

When using the right crystal for healing to take place, let it warm up in the sun for a few minutes. Then, place it in your hand and hold it close to the spot where your dog needs healing while rotating your hand around the area.

Add Crystals to an Ice Pack

Placing the stone in an ice pack is a wonderful way of benefiting from crystal energy. This helps to reduce swelling or inflamed body areas on your dog. Ice packs have been used for many years as a way of soothing sore muscles, backache, and pulled tendons. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same for your dog.

Massage Therapy

River or balsamic stones warmed up in hot water, and used to massage the dog’s body is a gentle but highly effective way of bringing healing to your pet’s body. This is the ideal method for alleviating inflamed muscles, and arthritic conditions, and for relaxing an anxious dog. Make sure you use flat, smooth pebbles for this healing practice.

Put Into Your Dog’s Water Bowl

Another way of using this branch of energy medicine is to place crystals into the dog’s water bowl. Of course, you need to make sure your dog can’t swallow the stones while drinking. But, it’s believed that the crystals’ energies are imparted through the water and when drunk, the energy will go where it’s needed most for healing.

Which Crystal for Which Ailment?

While I know this type of energy is hugely beneficial for my dog, I always check in with my vet first. I can’t diagnose what is wrong with my dog and most owners can’t. I also always ask my crystal expert to confirm I'm using the right crystal if I'm not too sure myself.

Once you have a confirmed diagnosis of what your dog is battling, you can find the best crystal to help him heal. I’ve researched them for you so you don’t have to spend hours on Google searching for these crystals!

Clear Quartz: For Calmness and Self-Confidence

If your dog is highly strung and lacks self-confidence, then using a clear quartz stone will help him restore both calmness and confidence. Clear quartz is also known to stop a dog from excessive barking or aggressive behavior.

Rose Quartz: For Balanced Emotions

Yes, our dogs also get emotional and when you notice your dog is anxious or depressed you can put a rose quartz crystal onto his collar or place one in his bed or crate. Rose quartz is often used for rescue dogs who are traumatized by their experience.

Amethyst Crystal: For Aching Joints

The amethyst crystal not only looks beautiful but it’s also a wonderful healing stone for dogs with aching joints. Wrap the crystal with a bandage around the area where your dog is suffering such as on their leg or hips. You can also place it on the collar as the energy will go to the area needing it most.

Smoky Quartz: For Unblocking Inflammation

Applying smoky quartz to the body, placing it on the collar, or adding it to an ice pack all help alleviate and unblock painful inflammation. Look out for any swelling and use smoky quartz to reduce it.

Blue Lace Agate: For Soothing Energy

Blue lace agate is a wonderful crystal to use on anxious and stressed dogs. Its soothing energy will help balance their body, bringing back calm and harmony. It’s also a good crystal to use if your dog suffers from separation anxiety.

Howlite: For Concentration and Focus

Howlite is a great crystal to use when your dog gets too distracted during training or participating in field sports. Use this crystal if your dog gets overexcited during a walk and wanders off, ignoring your commands.

Malachite: For Physical Injuries

Malachite has very strong energy and is good for helping your dog heal from physical injuries. The best way to use it is to hold it on the sore spot for a few minutes, remove it and clear it, then hold it again on the injured area. Do this for five minutes, three times a day until the dog’s injury is fully healed.

Malachite is extremely toxic so please make sure your dog doesn’t swallow this stone.

Clearing and Charging Your Crystals

Over time crystals lose their effectiveness. This is because of electromagnetic pollution, absorption of negative energies, taking up physical pain, and emotional imbalances. You’ll notice that the crystal starts to feel sticky, sometimes turns a darker color, and develop cracks or fissures.

When this happens, you know your crystal needs to be cleared and charged before being used for healing again. You can cleanse your crystals in the following ways:

  • By holding them in your hand under cold, running water.

  • Burning dried sage or lavender leaves and twigs and passing the crystals through the smoke a few times.

  • Sitting the crystals in sage tea, seawater, or clean river water.

  • Letting them sit outside in the sunshine or being rained on during a storm.

  • Digging them into the earth for a few days, covering them with the soil.

When the crystals have been cleansed, charge them by letting them sit in direct sunlight for a few hours, leaving them outdoors during thunder and lightning storms, or using your intention to restore their energy.

You should cleanse and charge your dog’s crystal every day if possible for maximum healing benefits.

Final Thoughts

Our dogs are our special friends and if you’re anything like me, you want the best for them. Crystals are a wonderful way of treating your dog while he’s recovering from an injury or illness. They’re also an alternative treatment for dogs who battle various emotional issues. Together with your vet’s recommended treatment plan, using crystals is an energy medicine you can use to improve your dog’s overall sense of well-being.

This post was originally published on June 9th, 2021, and updated on August 29th, 2022.

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