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"The coaching helped me discover, know and understand my true self without compromise. It provided me with the tools I needed to re-create myself and become honest about whom I wanted to be, not who others told me I was or should be. Getting to know and understand myself better has meant relating to friends, family, and colleagues more confidently, openly, and consistently. Most importantly, it has enabled me to build a better relationship with my daughter.

It has been an incredible, transformative experience…like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly process kind of transformative experience" - Masamo


“I loved working with Jana. She is kind and caring, yet strong and very encouraging. Coaching is the perfect tool to learn more about yourself and to work through your blockages to reach your goals and to reach your true potential” Hulda

"Coaching is a guide to help you achieve what is within you but needs help in coming out. Coaching has helped me to truly believe in myself and to take responsibility, without fear or doubt” Anna

“My experience with life coaching has been a blessing, mind-opening, and spiritually liberating. If you are thinking of hiring a coach don’t think about it, JUST DO IT!” - Vuma

"For many years I lived with a number of uncertainties that I did not know how to deal with and that was having a negative impact on my life. However, after the first couple of sessions with Jana, the uncertainties that were restricting my progress were identified. With Jana's guidance and assistance, I was able to change these negative aspects which has resulted in my life becoming much more fulfilling and serene and also provided me with a personal development plan going forward. Although I did not know Jana before my course, she became my trusted advisor and friend and someone that will always make herself available should I need guidance or advice" - Mario

“Life coaching is the greatest gift I have given to myself. Before committing to the life coaching program, I was deeply stuck. I had a fixed perception of life where I was constantly living in fear, and I had low self-worth. I thought my life would always be permanent suffering and I would never have direction or know what I want. Jana is a strong, wise, and compassionate teacher in supporting me to rewire my mind and self-development through the life coaching tools she has taught me to use. Her ability to hold a safe space for me in facing my fears constantly motivates me and empowers me to believe in myself.  Working with Jana has supported me immensely in doing the work of understanding and relearning my beliefs, values, and needs in tapping into my life purpose and creating a reality that always aligns with that. Life coaching has helped me remember who I am.”  - Tamara

“The 6 months of coaching was truly inspirational. My transformation was not an easy one and Jana’s skills were really put to the test to keep me aligned with my goal. She would somehow let me see the light by myself. It was hard work but somehow, I felt inspired to do it. She is really professional and her experience in coaching is visible. I have referred Jana to my most valued friends and family and have become a true ambassador of Life coaching. This was only possible because of my inspiring experience with Jana. She is true to her trade and helps individuals unleash their full potential. I fully and sincerely recommend Jana Field.  You will not be disappointed”

- Mala

“Jana has quite honestly changed my life in a massively positive way and has had a huge impact on the woman I have evolved into today. It is because of working under Jana’s leadership and coaching that I have been able to attain what I thought were almost impossible goals, dreams, and step-changes in my life in just three years. Jana worked with me in such a way that not only did I reach my career aspirations, but I have revisited my values, my passions, and my purpose.  Jana has a deep sense of intuition, she is extremely approachable, very structured and organized, and has an enormous passion for seeing people grow. Through Jana’s coaching, I attained my dream job in London 2 years ago and I felt so strongly about her leadership and coaching capabilities that I have continued to work with Jana remotely (even with the option of working with someone in my location). We have worked extremely well remotely because of Jana’s organizational skills and her ability to keep me on track, but equally, her ability to be patient and understanding”

-  Michillay

“Jana lead me gently but firmly through a process that was extremely well-rounded and covered every area of my life. Jana always showed her compassionate nature without ever allowing herself to get emotionally embroiled in my confusion. She assisted me to see and pay attention to the gaps in my thinking and emotions in a structured manner and through questioning and guided “homework” lead me to find a congruent way forward that fulfilled my goals and purpose. As a result, during my coaching intervention with Jana, I found a new place of employment that met my new criterion and values. Within the first 4 months of taking a new position, I had achieved the equivalent of 12 month's sales budget at my prior employer. This was extremely fulfilling both financially and emotionally and was beneficial to every area of my life” - Bev

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