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Through a

Journey of Change


Life changes are often a result of a personal experience that forces us to look at ourselves, making us realize the need to see and understand ourselves. “Change” can be a frightening experience yet in order to grow and to heal, change is important.


Hi! I am Jana and I  have experienced life in many of its forms and I continue to do so. I am the mother of my beautiful, remarkable daughter, life partner to my gentle, kind, magnificent soul mate and I love our gorgeous, "old soul"  rescue dog named Wilson.

I am a  New Insights Certified Life Coach and I have undergone a Basic Counselling Skills course with FAMSA. Using these skills, I am equipped to empower others to make the change they want to see in their own lives.

I know what it is like to be bullied because of a disability, to leave my home country and adapt to another, to fall in love and out of love, to give birth to a beautiful baby, to marry in hope and divorce with sadness, to say goodbye to special loved ones on Earth and to watch families struggle with their own challenges.

I have been fortunate to experience some of Africa’s most beautiful places, to grapple with my spirituality, and then find solace in it. I have been stuck in a job despairing that I will never get out of it, being held back by my own inner fears. I know what it is like to face changes and be frightened of them, to wonder what is my true life purpose and then to discover it, slowly, slowly.

I embrace all of my life experiences with love, gratitude, abundance, and peace. And, at times, with absolute awe! It has not always been this way but I have come to accept that my life experiences, the good and the bad, are ME, who I am, what I am about.  It was also the hard and true realization that in the end, it was my choice as to what story I could tell and live by.

I am passionate about the power of transformational healing and life coaching, empowering others to create the change they want to see in themselves and in their own lives. It is through my own self-awareness of my life experiences, their lessons, and the power of transformational healing that I am able to empower others to find their own way through this journey we call Life.  



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