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Emotional Balance: What is It and 7 Crystals for Balancing Emotions

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

One of the areas I focus on as a life coach is the emotional aspect of our lives. Some newcomers to my coaching program get confused when I ask them to rate their “emotional” life area. This tells me two things: the person doesn’t want to place too much emphasis on their emotions OR they genuinely don’t know how to define their emotions.

When I mention some of the basic emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness, joy, fear, and jealousy, my client nearly always says, “Aha!” or “Um…” and there’s always a lengthy pause. Facing your emotions and understanding them can be quite intimidating. Even more so when you’re prone to angry outbursts or long periods of depression when all you feel is a deep and never-ending sadness.

Then I have those clients who come to see me specifically to deal with their emotions. These are the people who crave some sort of emotional balance. They know that once they’ve explored their emotions and the triggers, they’re better equipped to handle their reactions. These clients also crave peace and harmony within themselves. This is why they seek out emotional balance.

What is Emotional Balance?

How does one define emotional balance? One client told me it was about being in control of his emotions so that he could be a more effective communicator. Another client told me emotional balance was about being able to respond rather than to react. Yet another client craved emotional balance so she knew when was the right time to step away from a situation before it turned into an inferno!

Emotional balance is about having a state of mind that allows you to be aware of your emotions, understand the triggers, and be able to respond in a manner that's gentle, wise, and empathetic. It’s about having the ability to recognize your emotions (and other people’s emotions) and to respond to them responsibly.

Emotional balance is a skill that you can learn through acquiring the knowledge and then applying it in everyday life. Amit Ray says,

“Life is a balance between emotional intelligence quotient EQ and intelligence quotient IQ”

Your EQ is just as vital as your IQ when you’re searching for a balanced and harmonious life.

Why Emotional Balance is Essential

Emotional balance is essential for an overall sense of well-being. When your emotions are balanced you’re calmer, and more in control of your reactions. Your actions are driven by your emotions and when your behavior is negative, you can expect negative consequences.

The same goes for positive behavior. You can expect positive consequences from such actions.

Emotional balance serves you well in both your personal and professional environment. It allows you to have positive and constructive relationships. Your health benefits as does your sense of self-worth. Emotional balance allows you to grow personally, giving you more confidence and courage to live life to the full.

The other benefits of emotional balance include:

  • Flexibility with a more open mindset

  • Improved positive outlook and attitude on life

  • Better resilience to cope with stressful life events

  • Being able to identify what’s important to you and setting goals and visions that match your true life purpose

  • Healing from stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Better management of physical health conditions

  • Improved social skills

Through working on their emotions, my clients are able to grow and see all their other life areas (health, relationships, spirituality, personal development, vocation, and finances) improve dramatically. While using education and knowledge does empower you to develop emotional balance, turning to alternative methods such as crystals often aid in harmonizing your emotions.

7 Crystals for Balancing Emotions

Crystals are an amazing source of healing energy and there are many you can use to help you balance your emotions. They’re particularly useful to have on hand when you’re battling to step back at any time and reflect on what is happening for you emotionally.

These beautiful stones raise your vibrational equilibrium, giving you more strength and resilience to deal with difficult emotions. And, while I encourage my clients to explore deep within to understand what drives their emotions, I also urge them to use alternative healing methods to assist them on their emotional journey.

Here are 7 wonderful crystals to use when you’re seeking emotional balance.

1. Black Tourmaline: Depression, Anxiety, and Low Self-Worth

If you’re struggling with sadness or depression, Black Tourmaline is the perfect crystal to keep with you during these times. Its energy is also good for improving your sense of self-worth when it takes a knocking and for increasing your self-esteem.

Black Tourmaline can be used to manage your anxiety and to soothe any traumatic emotions that arise from a stressful situation.

2. Howlite: Getting to the Roots of Your Emotions

Too often we suppress our emotions so deeply that we don’t even know how to identify them, let alone define them! If you’re struggling to understand your own emotions and what drives them, then using Howlite will help you get to the root of your feelings.

This is a great crystal for releasing suppressed emotions and for restoring emotional balance.

3. Carnelian: Healing Emotional Trauma

A reddish-brown crystal, Carnelian is recommended for healing emotional trauma especially for people who have been abused or attacked. The crystal helps you to get rid of negative emotions in a safe and healthy manner.

Carnelian is good for dealing with anger or rage and anxiety. It’s known to boost confidence and motivate you to find the strength to face life’s many fears and tribulations. The crystal will also help you to feel joy again.

4. Jade: For Emotional Harmony

The name Jade alone makes me think of calmness, harmony, and peace. And, that’s exactly what this beautiful crystal is used for. It brings emotional balance by encouraging energies that resonate with love, acceptance, and trust.

Jade is wonderful for supporting happiness and joy while encouraging a calm and harmonious state of being.

5. Aquamarine: Focus and Management of Emotions

If you struggle to focus your emotions and align them with your true values, then having Aquamarine in your store of crystals is a good tool to have. Aquamarine is a truly beautiful crystal and as the name reflects, it’s a soft blue color.

The crystal helps you to focus and to bring peace and balance to your emotions. It allows you to calm down so you can get on with the job on hand without reacting negatively to triggers.

6. Obsidian: Easing Grief and Fear

Obsidian is a black stone with a mirror appearance. It’s used to release stagnant emotions that have been suppressed for way too long! Obsidian is a wonderful healing crystal to restore your emotions after a long period of mourning as it helps to balance out the grief and sorrow experienced during this time.

Obsidian will also help you if you’re battling to manage your anger. Fear and anxiety can also be better managed when using this crystal.

7. Rose Quartz: Jealousy and Self-Love

A beautiful pink stone, Rose Quartz should be brought out when you’re lacking love and trust. I love recommending this crystal when someone is exploring self-love and self-care. When you’re facing those insane periods of rage as a result of jealousy, this stone will help to restore some balance.

Rose Quartz helps you to manage anger and fear caused by feelings of low self-worth and the inability to love yourself.

Final Thoughts

Crystals have been used for centuries as a form of healing modality. Your doctor may laugh them off! Friends and family will raise an eyebrow or two when you start telling them about using these stones to manage your emotions. But, using crystals to support you on your journey to emotional balance is simply taking advantage of another tool.

I always say that the more I can use to help me on this journey called Life, the happier I am. And, crystals are such beautiful stones that their presence alone will restore you to a state of calm and harmony. What more could you ask for?

This post was updated on March 20, 2023.


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