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Why I Am Passionate About Life Coaching

Six years ago, I did not even know that such a thing as life coaching existed. Six years ago, I was faced with choices to make and those choices made me realise that I needed to do some serious work on myself if I was ever going to make something of my life that was valuable. At that time of my life, I was flailing around, not sure what to do until I met my shaman teacher. They always say that we meet teachers along our life-path (and I am not talking only about the teachers we have in schools). These people come into our lives in many different forms be it a partner, a friend, a colleague, a mentor, a parent or in my case, a shaman.

This shaman guided me gently, firmly and with conviction that I could make something of myself and my life, even though I doubted it myself for a very long time. Thank goodness for his patience, his love and persistence. Little did I understand at the time, unconventional that his methods may be considered by many, that he was actually applying life coaching principles. One day, he advised that I explored the option of becoming a life coach and so began my journey into the world of life coaching.

When I tell others I am a transformational life coach, I am often met with blank faces. While life coaching is becoming more and more accessible to people, there are still many people who do not understand what life coaching is and how it can benefit their own personal development.

So, what is life coaching? Life coaching empowers you to realise your true potential by uncovering and then eliminating destructive behavioural and thought patterns in your life in a supportive, caring and inspiring environment. This is achieved by using specific tools and scientifically tested techniques that work. Coaching is a solution-focused approach to personal development that can assist you to make lasting changes in all areas of your life. Life coaching focuses on the present, bringing about positive changes in your current beliefs and behaviours in order for you to have a more fulfilling, exciting and rewarding future. It encourages self-awareness, enabling you to grow and develop.

Every time I read this description of what life coaching is, I feel a thrill run through my body and you know why? Because, I have seen it working – over and over again. I have seen people walking into my consulting room, feeling shattered, defeated, hopeless about their lives and yet some little glimmer of hope kept them going, enough to make them want to explore life coaching.

I take it very seriously when someone turns to me for help. I see it as an honour to be chosen to walk side-by-side with a client who has chosen to make lasting, positive changes to their lives. I feel tremendous love and compassion when I work with my client as they commit to changing their current beliefs and behaviours so that they may find fulfilment, excitement and a zest for life again.

It takes tremendous courage to choose to make a change in one’s life and I respect and admire that in my clients.

Life coaching does not offer a quick-fix nor promises an overnight success. It does, however, slowly but surely, empower one to realise their own true potential – each and every one of us are unique and special and each and every one of us has amazing potential. Imagine then the pure feeling of delight I get, as I watch my clients, slowly but surely, shed their old skins to emerge, transformed by their own truely awesome potentials? It’s quite a feeling.

Something else I love about being a life coach is that I get to meet and work with incredible people. They come from all walks of life, each one with their own remarkable stories. I am always inspired by these stories, no matter if they are stories of success, sad stories, stories of failures or even love stories. What makes these stories so unique and special is the person involved in them. And, I get to work with them! What a privilege.

Life coaching is a journey. Journeys have a beginning and an ending. As a life coach, I start with my client who feels perhaps a bit lost and bewildered on their own journey through life. As we work together, I watch them begin to discover their own amazing selves. As they progress on their journey of self-discovery and awareness, I watch them as they begin to shine their own light again. I see that glimmer of hope turn into possibilities. And, when the time comes to say goodbye to my client, I do so with a heart full of pride, excitement and love, knowing that they now have the wings to fly to such heights they once thought unimaginable.

Why am I passionate about life coaching? Well…it’s pretty simple really….I am passionate about empowering people so that they may find their own wings, so that they may fly, transformed, excited and passionate about their own lives. Imagine being passionate about your own life? Quite a feeling, I assure you.

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