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Embracing the intense powers of a Full Moon.

On Monday evening my partner and I honoured the Full Moon with a little ritual, something we try and do every Full and New Moon. Our ritual entails sitting in our little garden, surrounded by our magnificent trees, making a little fire, burning incense, playing the drum or using our singing bowl. It’s a very special time and allows us the opportunity to quietly reflect on what has been happening in our lives. There is something very cleansing and soul-restoring about these rituals.

It was exciting to see the Full Moon with a partial eclipse and we were thrilled to hear a Spotted Eagle Owl hooting throughout our ritual (this is extra-special as we live in a high density, built-up area). This Full Moon is an intense time being followed by a solar eclipse at New Moon on the 21st August. Plus, the day after Full Moon was the opening of Lionsgate portal, meaning a huge influx of Light coming forward. Quoted by Lena Stevens, The Power Path of Shamanism, “The time between the 2 eclipses is very powerful and could be intense and chaotic with lots of movement and action, some difficult and unwelcome, and some, a welcome breakthrough”.

We have been warned – this can be an emotional period of time. Whatever you have been feeling the last few days may need some attention. Good advice from a shaman teacher at this time ‘Please be kind to your body and rest as much as you can. Make sure you stay grounded, nourished, hydrated and sea baths can help at this time”.

How are you finding this intense time? I,myself, have found my emotions to be all over the place. My energy levels were on a high for the past few days only to find myself slumping into very low energy today. Even our German Shepherd must have been feeling the intense energy of the Full Moon on Monday as he was bouncing up and down, behaving like a kid with ADHD!!! I am doing everything in my power to be present with my emotions, my thoughts, my energy. Every day I remind myself that we are in a very special space as we deal with two eclipses bookending during a Full Moon and New Moon phase and the opening of a portal.

So, if you are feeling out of sorts, not quite sure why your emotions are ranging from highs to lows or you are having sudden outbursts of energy or absolutely no energy at all, don’t despair! Embrace the Moon for all its wonderful powers especially the Full Moon which is all about illuminating and bringing to the conscious that which is unconscious. Simply BE and most importantly, be kind to yourself xxx

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