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The Akashic Records

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The Akasha – Cosmic Sky

The Akashic Records, or Akasha, is the sum total of everything that has ever and will ever exist. Everything that was, is, and shall be.

Everything that has been thought, felt, said, done, and intended by everyone and everything in the universe comprises the Akasha.

The Akashic Records form a matrix, or a web, where everything is connected and affects and is affected, by one another. Nothing happens without a response, an impact, or a cause and effect.

It’s based on the principle that nothing comes out of nothing.

There is a source for everything.

The concepts of ‘we are one’ and ‘the butterfly effect’ are based on Akashic Records.

There are other names for the Akashic Records. Ervin Laszlo called it the Cosmic Memory Field, Quantum Physics refers to it as the Unified Field. Some people refer to it as ‘the Zone’ or the Cosmic Web.

Where is the Akasha?

Now the Akasha is interesting because it cannot be seen, but it can be seen. It's not a huge manuscript up in the sky with a list of every event and thought emotion, and so on. It exists on a mental plane, an intuitive plane if you like.

The Akasha is energy, but it is also a related matter. We cannot see the web or matrix, but we can perceive it with our intuition.

However, we can see the web playing out in our consensual reality in our everyday lives. We see events and intentions being put into action, we feel emotions, experience thoughts, respond or react to others’ emotions and thoughts.

What we cannot see is what was and what will be. Those we can perceive through memory and intuition. Sure, we can see the effects of what was, and if we are intuitive enough, we can see what is still to be. For there is nothing new under the sun.

Nothing is discovered or invented, it is only intuited from the Akashic Records and remembered.

Akashic Experiences

An Akashic experience is a thought, image, or intuition that was not, or very likely could not have been transmitted by our physical senses either at the time it happened or at any time beforehand at least not in our current lifetime. It’s a moment of intuition, of tapping into ‘the matrix.’

Every Akashic experience is characterized by 1 criterion: when it occurs, you feel completely at one with the universe.

When we are not at one with the universe we are fragmented and therefore impacting upon the matrix in a chaotic way. The more we connect with the Akasha in a deliberate way, with clear intentions and integrity, the more we begin to make it work for us.

What is the Purpose of an Akashic Experience?

When you have an Akashic experience you are looking at the energetic being, not the physical being.

Like everything that is part of being a Shamanist, a vital purpose of accessing the Akasha is to heal.

The Akasha is the storehouse of everything that ever was, is, and shall be, so it can also be accessed to understand certain experiences, intuit how a situation will unfold, and to be creative, to ‘discover and invent.’

An artist, when they create a beautiful piece of art, a poet who writes an amazing poem, or a sportsman, who performs an unbelievable feat, they are all one with the universe, they are accessing the Akasha. The achievement comes about through an Akashic experience

Wave and Particle

We have established before that everything, there is the wave and particle, energy and matter, spiritual and physical.

The speed of light is approximately 300 000km per second. As we approach the speed of light, time slows down, and at the speed of light time stands still. Faster than the speed of light and time moves backward.

As our bodies die, they decompose. However, our energy speeds up and at the point of death, we become light. Seeing the pillar of light is us seeing ourselves. At this point, we exist only in waves. Our body, thoughts, emotions, ego have decomposed as particles and are being recycled into the system.

We can either be focused on particles (the physical) or waves (energy). You cannot focus on both at the same time. When we die, we do not go to ‘the other "side." There is no other side. We still exist in this reality, but only in wave/energy form, not particle form.

I’m not saying that in order to have an Akashic experience we have to die. We can exist in waveform even while being in a physical body.

In waveform (energy) we can create instantly, there is no gap between thought and manifestation. This is because the waveform is light.

However, if we create in particle form (physical), there is a gap/time-lapse between thought and manifestation. Because the particle is dense and needs manipulation of matter to result in the creation.

Manipulation of the ‘dense’ matter takes time and work in the particle form. In wave, it takes no time to manipulate the light, because it is not dense.

As a Shaman or a Shamanist practicing shamanic medicine, we have to work on switching between particle and wave shamanic/spiritual work takes place in wave.

Particle is very dense and certain healing can take place in particle through listening, but it takes time and work. In wave, healing can take effect immediately if there is openness, acceptance, imagination, intuition, and intention.

Some Types of Akashic Experiences

  • A creative visualization: Creating through visualization, and it may not be anything that you have seen or experienced in this lifetime.

  • A creative solution: That pops up out of nowhere.

  • Non-local healingsdistance healing: Sending out healing in the form of energy.

  • Near-death experiences.

  • At the time of birth: This is a death from wave and birth into particle.

  • After-death communication with someone in wave: A lost loved one, guides, angels, ancestors, totems.

  • Personal past life recollections.

  • Déjà vu: The feeling that you have been in the situation or at a particular place before. Remembering the future: For example, you visit a place that has just been recently built but you get the feeling you’ve been there before but it could not be in a past life. You are remembering it from a future experience.

  • Remembering the present: Similar to déjà vu.

  • Grokking: To become one with something, a thought, a creation.

The matrix responds much more efficiently to mass thought than individual thought.

Mass thought spreads through the matrix and influences behavior and events. For example, the spread of panic, or the spread of the same behavior amongst individuals of a species that are geographically isolated.

But as a shaman, focussed distance healing can be effective through intention, imagination, and intuition. But it takes a lot of energy.

In wave, the ego identity dies and that is why we fear death so much. We lose our egos.

However, it is possible to communicate with ego identities from the wave, but a separation of that ego identity from the wave needs to take place.

This separation from the oneness can only happen slightly. It’s a slight move closer to particle. But the communication is hard because the messages only come through very vaguely and need a lot of consideration and interpretation to be properly translated for the listener.

How to Access the Akasha

If you are focused on the particle you cannot be focused on the wave, and vice versa. It's one or the other.

There are certain things you have to do to practice and become good at being in wave:

1. Believe in the Wave

The wave is unseen, so you have to constantly remind yourself of its existence. Use the words:

‘I believe in the wave’, ‘I believe in the energy’, ‘the wave exists’ ‘I believe there are more things unseen than seen’, ‘I believe in the Akasha’.

We have to believe fully in the wave otherwise we will be trapped in the particle.

2. Raise Your Frequency

The lower your frequency the more densely you operate. Empathy and compassion come when you raise your frequency. There are different ways to raise your frequency:

  • You can meditate on something

  • Chant, drum, dance, etc

  • Think it up – thought to image to intuition. This is the most convenient but it requires you to have a very strong belief in the wave

3. Get into the Habit of Sleeping on It

Whatever you are contemplating, sleep on it. Before you go to sleep, be honest, open, and clear about what you need an answer for, what your fears are, what you want to solve, etc. Talk to the wave about it and be fully open. Don’t deny anything. You must accept it as it is.

Ask the wave to download to you all that you need to feel connected and at peace, and you will find you start feeling better and solutions come. When you are connected you are not fragmented, there is no chaos.

4. Stop Using the Words ‘Weird,’ ‘Super-Natural’ or ‘Unexplained"

As a Shaman who needs to have constant access to the Akashic records, these words do not exist because you truly believe that the wave exists and you can shift between them.

These words are obsolete because anything is possible in the wave.

For example, there is nothing preventing us from seeing loved ones who have died, only our lack of belief in the wave. Just choose to believe, choose to see them and talk to them, and they are there. It just takes a simple process: thought – image – intuition.

Think it, imagine it and see it. It takes belief

True Belief

True belief in the wave and access to the Akashic records allows us to be one with the universe and not impact the records as fragmented beings and cause ripples of chaos in it.

An important Akashic experience that can guide us to remember the future. Or create the future you want to see so that you live the present that you want to live.

We must not try and force what we want to get because then we will cause chaos in the wave.

Instead of making the achievement of a goal the intention, rather make the gratitude of existing as a whole, complete being as the intention.

Do not work towards achieving things. But rather ask for it and receive it as an Akashic experience of remembering the future. And then this act will tell you intuitively if it is meant for you or not. You will not be able to connect with it in wave in a fulfilling way if it is not meant for you.


Imagine and intuit the ritual of gratitude and then work backward, intuiting the thing you want. When doing this, make sure the steps you visualize are aligned to your personal ethics and values, and then take the steps in particle that require you to meet with want you want.

We must ask, believe and be grateful to receive what we want.

The exercising of gratitude before and after we get what we want (prayer, affirmation, ritual) is key to the process. Because if we do not do this, we are not completing the circle of what we visualized in the future and of what has come to us in the present.

If we do not complete this circle, our connection to the oneness, the Akasha, will weaken and we will become fragmented, thus experiencing chaos and putting chaos into the Akasha.

Final Thoughts

By tapping into the Akasha, you're empowering yourself to grow. But, you need to be at one with the universe to benefit from the Akashic experience. Your intentions need to be clear and pure in order to not fragment and cause chaos. Anyone can access the Akasha when the intention set is for the greater good.

With thanks and gratitude to my shaman teacher, Lionel Berman, who continues to expand my curiosity, knowledge, and skills around all that is shamanic. You can also read the phenomenal book written by Hawaiian shaman, Serge Kahlil King, called "Urban Shaman" if you want to learn more about shamanism.

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