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How to Use Clothing and Accessories to Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Fresh white dress with green tropical print side view

I am so excited to be launching The Free Spirit Store, a place where women can purchase beautiful clothing and accessories to uplift their confidence and self-esteem. But, you may be wondering, what does fashion have to do with life coaching?

As a transformational life coach, I work with women (and men) worldwide who want to become better versions of themselves. This is why I was inspired to start my own Free Spirit Clothing by Wild Earth and accessories fashion range for women (sorry guys, nothing for you yet…).

A Brief Introduction to Life Coaching

Life coaching is an empowering program that includes a wide range of practical and simple tools for personal growth and development. As a life coach, my role is to facilitate change in my client’s life.

My clients discover the following:

  • How to write an effective goal that inspires them to achieve it.

  • What the change process entails and how to navigate the different stages.

  • What limiting beliefs are holding them back from moving forward.

  • How to identify and build empowering beliefs.

  • Personal core values that keep them on the right path throughout life.

  • Basic human needs that NEED to be met and how to do it in a healthy way.

  • Their life purpose.

Through life coaching, clients learn what’s not working for them and how to change it so that they become more confident, inspired, and empowered to follow their dreams.

Depending on what the client wants to focus on, they decide if they need to work on their emotional, health, relationships, career, financial, personal development, or spiritual life areas.

5 Ways Beautiful Clothing and Accessories Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

When I first started training as a New Insights Certified Life Coach, I lacked confidence and self-esteem. Through the life coaching process, I was able to identify various tools and methods that helped me to develop these aspects that were responsible for holding me back from my True Self.

One thing I learned was to ‘fake it until I made it” and that included keeping an upright posture, speaking clearly with my head up high, and wearing beautiful dresses with a dash of makeup.

I was gifted some gorgeous jewellry that makes me feel powerful whenever I wear them. Both the dresses and jewellry were wonderful tools for self-expression and boosting my mood.

Read on as I share the ways fashion can boost your confidence and self-esteem levels as you focus on stepping out into the world and owning your SELF.

1. The Impact of Clothes on Self-Esteem

You can wear clothes to power dress, build confidence, and feel comfortable no matter whether you’re in a professional or social setting. Your clothing choices can impact how you fit in within a social or working environment without sticking out like a sore thumb!

Power dressing is extremely influential in how you feel and look, especially when you want to make an impression. First impressions do matter and the way you dress can make or break your next chance at a promotion.

Or, as in my case, win over a prospective in-law! My ex-husband’s beloved grandmother was adamant that anyone who wore old and dirty shoes shouldn’t become part of the family!

Comfortable and well-fitted clothes not only improve your self-worth but your self-image too, particularly if the garments match your personal style. If you battle with imposter syndrome, wearing quality and beautifully designed clothing can make a world of difference to your self-esteem.

Light red dress with flirty sleeves

2. How Colour Psychology Influences Your Emotions and Mood

The beauty of gorgeous clothing and accessories is the abundance of colors they come in. But, picking the right hues for the occasion plays a huge role in influencing your emotions and mood.

  • Blue: Evokes calmness, peace, and harmony while conveying the message to others that you’re trustworthy.

  • Yellow: Great for creating positive vibes, increasing your personal vibrations, and portraying a sunny disposition to others!

  • Red: This famous power-dressing color exudes confidence and empowerment but can also be associated with fiery energy and passion. Wearing red allows you to be courageous and to step out of your comfort zone!

  • Orange: A wonderful color for when you want to be creative but it also portrays your willingness to be engaged and attentive in any situation.

  • Purple: A deeply spiritual color, indicating the wearer’s wisdom. Wearing a garment of this color will allow you to feel spiritually connected and grounded at the same time.

  • Black: This color exudes power and authority while helping wearers feel slimmer at the same time (great for boosting your confidence levels if you’re uncomfortable with your self-image.)

  • White: A fresh color that works well for summer clothing, creating a feeling of lightness and joy while giving the wearer more flexibility in using accessories of different colors or shades.

  • Green: Similar to blue, this color allows you to feel calm, gentle and at peace with your environment. The wearer will exude a sense of lovingkindness that allows others to feel safe.

Fresh white dress with large green foliage print side view

3. Your Dress Sense Could Portray Your Personality

The way you dress can portray certain aspects of your personality. Consider the following the next time you go shopping for clothes and accessories:

  • The professional look: This tells others that you’re responsible, capable, and trustworthy. This style also portrays success and leadership.

  • The casual look: Going with this style portrays an approachable personality that could also be flirty, fun, or adventurous!

  • The funky look: Observers will take note of your hip and individual personality that’s creative and bohemian too.

Using fashion to portray your personality traits is an effective and clever way of telling others who you are before you even have to say or do anything!

4. Fashion Can Demonstrate Your Beliefs and Values

The type of clothing and accessories you keep in your wardrobe and wear in public can demonstrate your personal beliefs and values. By aligning your garments with your personality, you’ll instantly boost your self-esteem while ensuring you don’t violate your beliefs or values.

Choosing clothing that aligns with your personal core values allows you to:

  • Reach your goals and dreams

  • Be successful in your chosen field of work or vocation

  • Feel motivated and excited about life

The right choice of fashion allows you to communicate your uniqueness to others and to find like-minded people who respect and understand your values. Not only does this boost your self-image but it increases your confidence and self-esteem when you’re around people similar to you.

Pertty Paula dresses four designs

5. Dressing for the Occasion (Without Looking Out of Place!)

If you struggle to feel comfortable in the office or social environment, dressing appropriately for the occasion can make a world of difference to your confidence levels. Wearing a suit or smart jacket and skirt in the corporate workplace allows you to fit in with your colleagues while conveying confidence, competence, and ambition.

Heeding dress code policies in the office ensures you don’t embarrass yourself – the same applies to formal or semi-formal attire instructions on invitations to weddings or other celebrations.

Using appropriate accessories is equally important such as:

  • Bulky gold chains just don’t do it in the office environment!

  • Bold jewelry can uplift a simple dress in muted colors for formal or semi-formal occasions.

  • Gorgeous floral drawstring bags give your beach look a happy and joyful feel.

  • Hats show off your personality and unique style.

  • Scarves are versatile fashion accessories that can add color and elegance while making you feel stylish and confident at the same time.

  • Footwear can make or break your overall appearance so choose wisely!

Flowing maxi dresses can create a sense of sophistication while looking good at semi-formal or casual events. Tailored outfits can make you feel elegant, smart, and confident in both workplace and formal social settings.

Tailored white dress with paisley print front view

Tips for Purchasing Clothing From The Free Spirit Store

  1. New designs will be uploaded regularly. Sign up to The Journey Tree here and make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest products.

  2. Stocks are limited to avoid mass production and to retain individuality - don't wait around if you find a garment you like!

  3. Alternatively, send a WhatsApp message to +27 76 329 8692 to be added to The Free Spirit Store chat group.

  4. If you're unsure about sizing, contact us at for more advice and suggestions.

  5. Unfortunately, deliveries are only done in South Africa. If you want to arrange for a pickup, contact The Journey Tree at to make arrangements.

Final Thoughts

From polka dot trousers to fresh white linen shirt dresses, casual tropical clothing with wild green foliage, and ditzy tee designs, you can boost your well-being every day! Finding and wearing your personal dress style will empower you to be courageous and adventurous while building your confidence and self-esteem.

Evidence shows that gorgeous garments and accessories go a long way to boosting a person’s well-being. What are you waiting for? Head over to The Free Spirit Store and start boosting your wardrobe with beautiful Free Spirit Clothing by Wild Earth for women who want to uplift themselves.

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