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7 Crystals You Need to Know for Healing and Overall Wellbeing

Whenever we think of healing, we automatically think of doctors and conventional medicines used for the treatment of whatever ails us. But, there’s been a huge shift in the way we perceive healing and people are turning more to alternative methods for treatment such as crystals.

Crystals are beautiful stones and they come in all sizes, shapes, and beautiful colors. You’ve seen them in the local esoteric shop nearby and you’ve heard people talking about them. You may even have a friend (like me!) who keeps a wide range of crystals in their home or healing room.

But have you often wondered what’s the big deal about crystals? How are they used for healing and are there specific crystals for certain treatments? Read on to discover more about the fascinating world of crystals and seven wonderful stones to help you heal.

What Are Crystals?

For most of us, a crystal is a stone. But, any geologist or lover of crystals will tell you differently. These beautiful objects are actually a conglomeration of well-organized molecules. The structure of these atoms resembles a regular grid pattern.

In nature, crystals form when liquids cool down and harden. The molecules in the liquid come together and are stabilized. The result is a colorful mineral (or the pretty stone you see in your friend’s house).

How Are Crystals Used for Healing?

Shamanic healers believe that the properties of the crystal hold tremendous healing powers for the mind, body, and soul. Each crystal has its own unique flow of energy which aids in ridding the body of negative energies that accumulate over time.

If not shifted, these negative energies often result in an imbalance within the body. This may manifest as an illness, a mental disease, or an emotional problem.

While science can produce no evidence of the crystal’s healing properties, this hasn’t stopped many cultures from believing in the powers of these stones. Crystals continue to be used as a form of alternative medicine for many people and they’ll tell you how powerful these colorful minerals are.

When used in conjunction with the intention to heal, crystals can assist you in finding healing where you need it most. There are different crystals for different healing situations and I’ve listed seven of these crystals to get you started.

1. Rose Quartz

Recognized for its soft, gentle pink colors, rose quartz is associated with love. When you’re looking to restore love and trust again in any relationship, keeping rose quartz close by is said to improve these conditions.

Rose quartz is wonderful for keeping the love energies flowing in any home and for bringing in a calm and harmonious environment. And, if you’re trying to find your self-worth and love, wearing rose quartz as a pendant on a necklace will help you in this journey.

2. Jasper

The jasper is a wonderful healing crystal for those times when you need courage during times of stress. To ensure you’re protected from negative vibes and energies during these stressful times, you can make sure you have a jasper close by.

Jasper is also known for aiding in making the right decisions, especially when you have to do some quick thinking! It also helps to build your self-esteem and confidence. So, whenever you’re feeling down and out, make sure you have a jasper or two in your home and in your handbag.

3. Clear Quartz

The master healer of all crystals, clear quartz will be found in every healer’s bag of tools. Clear quartz can increase the energy around you while also absorbing and releasing negative energies. Use this crystal when you want to regulate the energy levels around you.

Clear quartz is a wonderful crystal for balancing and improving your immune system. It’s known to increase your concentration while improving your memory. If you’re looking to restore your body and balance it again, use this crystal. Pair it with rose quartz to enhance the healing process.

4. Tiger’s Eye

I have a true story to share about this crystal. A friend of mine was battling with a painful boil and no matter what conventional treatment he used it would not heal. I then told him to put a Tiger’s Eye close to the boil. Within two days, the boil burst, and healing took place quickly.

The Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful gemstone for giving you clarity and harmony. It can be used to rid your body of anxiety, anger, and fears. The crystal is also known to help with heart matters, both physical and emotional.

5. Amethyst

This beautiful purple crystal is known to restore your sleeping cycles once more if you’ve been battling insomnia. It’s great for promoting abstinence from substance abuse and can be used to relieve pain, cleanse the blood, and improve the production of hormones in your body.

Amethyst is often used to increase one’s level of spiritual connection and wisdom. It can also be used to purify your body of any negative energies and bring back balance in your mind, body, and soul.

6. Sapphire

If you have eye issues, sapphire is a good crystal to keep nearby. A blue stone, sapphire is also known for healing those suffering from depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. You can use this beautiful crystal to restore peace and happiness in your home.

Sapphire is associated with both wisdom and royalty. It’s been used to attract abundance into one’s life and to increase one’s intuition. For both physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health this crystal is a must-have in every person’s life.

7. Moonstone

A wonderful crystal for encouraging inner growth and courage, moonstone is another beautiful healing crystal. It’s associated with new beginnings and is often used to promote a protected and safe environment whenever there’s change happening.

Moonstone helps to soothe uncomfortable feelings and to manage stress. It gives you a sense of stability whenever there’s too much uncertainty and can be used to increase your levels of inspiration. It’s a wonderful stone for healing one from egative thoughts, replacing them with positivity instead.

Final Thoughts

Crystals can be used for a range of problems bothering the mind, body, and soul. They aid in the healing of both physical and emotional conditions and help to promote a deeper spiritual connection. Crystals are beautiful and just by looking at their magnificent colors, you'll be transformed into a state of wellbeing.

If you’re looking for an alternative healing method for a broken heart, low self-esteem, or that pesky boil that won’t go away, then consider using a crystal. While there’s no scientific evidence supporting claims of their healing powers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them in conjunction with more conventional medicines and treatment.

(Please note that this article is not intended to replace any conventional medicine or treatment for health conditions and that a medical doctor should always be consulted)

This post was originally published on April 21st, 2021,and updated on July 29th, 2022.

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