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Do Cats Have Superpowers? 11 Fascinating Facts About the Feline

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Throughout my life, I’ve had cats as pets. The first cat I remember and loved was Tinker, my mother’s favorite Siamese. Then there was Captain, a wild cat that had to endure a few years of being entered into cat shows. He even won the “Best Child’s Cat of the Year” award one year, much to his disgust!

My menagerie of cats went with me wherever I went, adapting to their new homes without much fuss. Somehow, they always managed to settle in quickly enough even when I forgot to add dollops of butter onto their paws!

I’ve always loved cats and their amazing powers fascinate me. There’s something quite distinctly different about the feline compared to say, your dog or pet guinea pig. They can be aloof and decide when they want to spend time in your company.

Every cat I’ve owned has always been independent, exploring the big wide world confidently but always coming home when food and cuddles were the order of the day.

The older I got and the more cats I had, the more I realized their superpowers. Nine lives, they certainly do have, and landing on their feet every time – yes, that’s true too! But, there’s so much more to know about the feline so read on and discover the fascinating world of cats.

Do Cats Have Superpowers?

I was never quite enamored with Catwoman despite her sharing the powers of cats. I preferred Superman and Batman! But, Catwoman had a point to make about the superpowers of the feline creature and one can’t help but be amazed by this animal’s super abilities. What do I mean when I talk about superpowers?

Compared to their two-legged human owner and even their four-legged canine mates, the feline can impress with its ability to do things beyond our wildest imaginations. Try jumping from a heady height and landing on your two feet without a single bone jarring through your body! Or, dodging that car heading straight for you and surviving, nine times over!

I had a cat who would regularly jump down from my third-floor apartment to the garden below and she was only a kitten. Bongo survived every jump nonchalantly as she spent the day hunting down imaginary creatures in the garden below.

I also had a cat who climbed to the top of the tallest pine tree in my garden and then refused to come down for days. I eventually called in a mountain climber friend who scaled the tree, ropes and all, to bring her down. What superpowers did she have? The ability to miaow her discontent for three days non-stop and to go without food for as long!

I’ve always been innately aware of the cat’s spiritual connection with the “other world” and consider this a superpower not to be shrugged off. While I don’t have a pet cat now, I’m surrounded by a feral colony. These wandering felines have a distinct air of being otherworldly and I’m fascinated by them.

11 Fascinating Superpower Facts About the Cat

Here are some fascinating superpower facts about the cat I’ve dug up to share with you. If you’re a feline owner, I’m sure you’re already aware of how amazing your cat is but you may still be impressed by these facts.

1. Cats Really Can Jump Great Heights

Studies have proved that a cat jumps five times its body height. If you want this in measurement then expect your cat to be able to leap at least 4 feet 11 inches into the air. How often have you seen your cat jump up to catch a butterfly or bird flying through the garden and been amazed by just how high she could leap?

Other studies have shown that a fit and agile cat can easily jump as high as 8 feet which is remarkable for such a small animal.

2. Cats Can Jump to Great Depths Too!

Cats can jump down from a giddy height and seem to walk away without a twinge of pain. A 1987 research recorded in the Journal of The American Veterinary Medical Association talks about cats falling down 5 stories and surviving although some of them did require emergency treatment.

The same study showed cats falling seven stories and landing safely. I find this quite an astonishing feat indeed!

3. Cats Can Rotate in Midair

The reason why cats can survive a fall from great heights is that they’re flexible enough to rotate mid-air, aligning their body perfectly for a safe landing on all four paws. What’s more, their paws act as shock absorbers so minimizing any impact when hitting the ground.

A study has also shown that a cat will struggle to rotate their body midair when only 12 inches above ground level but they get more acrobatic above 12 inches!

4. Cats Run Fast!

Try racing your cat and you’re likely to come second every time! Cats can run really fast. Like up to 30mph fast! This kind of speed is amazing when you consider these domestic cats are really quite small. Other felines such as the cheetah can reach speeds of up to 130 mph and the tiger up to 65 mph.

Your cat could easily beat a tiger if the bigger feline is feeling rather sluggish!

5. Cats Are Contortionists

Watch a cat get through the smallest window and you’ll realize what amazing contortionist powers they have. Our domestic feline can squeeze their shoulders so they can get through any space smaller than them and have supple spines for rotating any way they want to.

And, the cat’s collarbone is tiny and not anchored like its human owners’ ones are. This allows the cat to also crawl through the tiniest gaps!

6. Phenomenal Sight

The cat is able to see things you and I can’t see with its wide field of vision. While a human’s field of vision is about 180 degrees, the cat measures in at 200 degrees. You may be able to see more vibrant colors than your pet feline but they’re equipped with better peripheral and night vision.

With 6 to 8x times more rod cells than the human being's eye, your cat is able to hunt for prey in low light which is a good thing considering they like to be out at nighttime. But cats don’t do as well in bright light nor can they see objects clearly close up.

7. Superpower Hearing

Cats can hear high pitch sounds that no human or even dogs can pick up. With their right-up, big ears, cats can also distinguish between tones and pitches better than their owners can. This explains why a cat is so in tune with your emotions (pretty much like our doggie friends.) And, when it comes to finding their prey, the cat uses their superpower hearing to tell them exactly where that tasty mouse is hiding!

Cats can swivel their ears any way around to detect sounds from any direction. This is made possible because they have 32 muscles in each of their ears!

8. Cats Have a Strong Sense of Smell

Cats can smell up to 15x times more than their two-legged human friend. So, your cat will be able to navigate any environment using its sense of smell. This is one of the reasons you put butter on their feet in a new home. By licking off the butter, they're also memorizing the smells of the new home.

Your feline darling also has a second scent organ found at the top of its mouth. This is called Jacobson’s Organ. The next time you see him snarling or grimacing it could be because he’s trying to pick up on a scent through this organ.

9. Cats Have Spiritual Powers

Since ancient times, cats have been worshipped for their spiritual powers. These mystical creatures always give off an air of knowing more than we do and most times, I believe they truly do! Spiritually, the meaning of a cat is courage, patience, curiosity, and independence.

Ancient Egyptians associated the feline with their Sun God and judging by the artifacts, symbols, and cat jewelry being used by this culture, this animal was highly respected spiritually.

10. Cats Have Healing Powers

While the cat would not want to be compared to the dog, they do also possess healing powers just like their canine buddy. Stroking a cat is known to soothe anxiety, depression, and other unsettling emotions caused by stress. And, when you stroke your cat they’re likely to start purring which in itself has health benefits for you.

Science has proved that the cat purrs at a certain pattern and frequency conducive to vibrational healing treatments. The frequency of purring is also known to improve your bone density so if you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis consider stroking your cat more.

Read the wonderful book by Amy Newmark, "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons From the Cat: 101 Tales of Family, Friendship, and Fun." The author shares stories of how cats can make us better people.

11. Cats’ Comb-Like Tongue

Every cat owner is familiar with the grating tongue of the cat. But, what makes the cat’s tongue so tough? Well, how else is the cat going to groom himself and keep his fur free of tangles, twigs, and other likely objects?

The surface of the cat’s tongue is made up of small backward projecting papillae. They’re made up of keratin, the same substance found in our fingernails and toenails.

Having a tough tongue allows your cat to comb his coat but there’s another reason why your feline will groom itself. Licking their coat helps to release any stress or anxiety your cat may be feeling after landing badly after a fall or having an argument with the tabby next door.

Final Thoughts

Cats are fascinating creatures and every home should have one. And, if you don’t have one then keep an eye out for one lurking in your garden. Nothing keeps a neighbor’s tabby away from your home especially if the feline senses you need some of its magical powers.

I know my feral colony is keeping my spirituality and healing in check by always simply being around. That’s the superpower of cats for you!

This post was updated on January 20th, 2023.

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