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Masculine Energy vs. Feminine Energy: What's the Difference and How to Keep Them in Balance

Something that comes up often in my coaching and spiritual sessions is the topic of masculine energy and feminine energy. Some of my clients express surprise (and dismay!) when I tell them that everyone is made up of both masculine and feminine energies. This is particularly distressing if you see yourself as completely male or totally female.

However, it’s important to know that masculine and feminine energies aren’t gender-specific nor one more dominant than the other. But, women do tend to lean towards feminine energies while men portray more masculine energy.

Having a balance of both energies, whether you’re a woman or a man, allows you to be more in harmony with your SELF and how you function in the world.

What is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy allows you to DO – it’s action-oriented and a person is able to:

  • Solve problems

  • Think rationally and logically

  • Push through difficult or challenging experiences

  • Thrive with challenges

  • Be independent

People with dominant masculine energy enjoys being noticed, appreciated, and admired. They demonstrate external personal strength, focus, and stability. Masculine energy is all about DOING.

When a woman (or man) asks how she displays masculine energy it’s demonstrated by her ability to solve problems creatively and has good decision-making skills. She’s able to be analytical without getting emotional.

Signs of Masculine Energy

If you display any of the following signs, you have strong masculine energy:

  • Assertiveness

  • Self-assurance

  • Objectivity

  • Risk-taking behavior

  • Self-control

  • Non-judgmental

  • Altruism

Masculine energy is all about DOING and achieving.

What is Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is gentle but dynamic with the flow. It can’t be rationally explained nor should it be! Feminine energy is all about BEING and refuses to follow societal expectations or norms.

People with strong feminine energy rely on the heart rather than their mind to guide them through life and they are able to:

  • Demonstrate calmness

  • Be creative

  • Nurture themselves and others

  • Show empathy

  • Prioritize feelings and emotions

  • Make decisions with their heart

  • Communicate skillfully

Feminine energy is about receptivity, compassion, and lovingkindness. A man (and woman) demonstrates feminine energies through being thoughtful, compassionate, communicative, and in tune with their feelings. They value the finer things in life and appreciate beauty.

Signs of Feminine Energy

If you demonstrate any of the following signs, you have strong feminine energy:

  • Intuitive

  • Affectionate

  • Magnetic personality

  • Warm, kind, and welcoming

  • Sensual

  • Self-care

  • Emotional maturity

  • Receptive

  • Embrace change

  • Vulnerability

Other signs include being authentic, elegant, graceful, playful, motherly, and taking responsibility for yourself.

Masculine Energy vs Feminine Energy: Why Balance is Important

No matter what your gender is, you need a healthy mix of masculine and feminine energies to live a balanced life. When your masculine and feminine energy is in balance you’re more harmonious, centered, and grounded. You feel fulfilled and content and at peace with yourself. However, when they’re out of balance you feel out of sorts and stressed.

Striving for a DOING and BEING balance isn’t always easy especially as you face various challenges and life experiences every day. It’s harder for Do’ers to accept more feminine energy mainly if they thrive in an action-oriented environment. The opposite is the same for BE’ers who prefer to live a more sedate life.

However, too much masculine energy can lead to burnout, being overly dominant in the workplace or relationships, and painful physical conditions. On the other hand, excess feminine energy can lead to poor boundaries, taking responsibility for others at the expense of yourself, and stagnancy.

What Causes an Imbalance in Masculine and Feminine Energies?

Defining children from a young age based on their gender often leads to an imbalance in masculine and feminine energies. Believing that intuition and vulnerability are weaknesses often forces men to shy away from such traits. Growing up thinking that your role as a woman is to forego ambition for a career can lead to too little masculine energy.

Living in a male-dominated environment can increase masculine energies in both boys and girls while creating an imbalance with feminine energy. However, the opposite can happen if you live in an environment dominated by too much feminine energy.

How to Balance Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy

Recognizing that you should have both masculine and feminine energy in your makeup is an excellent place to start. Accepting and embracing both energies will allow you to bring in balance when one or the other is out of kilter.

1. Reframing Masculinity and Femininity

Defining masculinity and femininity can lead to misconceptions – someone who is masculine carries a six-pack and is ultra-strong whereas a feminine person is hysterical and weak.

Right? Nope, but this is where so many people go wrong when we talk about masculine and feminine energies.

Understanding and accepting that a man can be in touch with his emotions while demonstrating logical and rational skills is as important as embracing a “strong” woman. Reframing masculinity and femininity is essential if you want to get past the mental block of what both mean, energy-wise.

2. Practicing Self-Love

Both men and women should have a regular self-love practice that encourages them to get in tune with their feelings, intuition, and creativity. Practicing self-love builds your confidence as you learn to respect and value your SELF. It teaches you to respond rather than react which is vital for better communication.

Through self-love, you honor your personal values, aligning your life areas with them. You choose to be authentic, act with integrity, and show compassion while striving to achieve your goals and dreams. Self-love allows you to DO and to BE.

3. Daily Meditation

Daily meditations are one of the best ways to harmonize your masculine and feminine energies so they work in sync with each other. Meditating helps you to bring the DOING into the BEING so both energies can support you, bringing you work-life balance. Through meditation, you can:

  • Find more clarity

  • Learn to go with the flow

  • Drop control

  • Manifest your goals

  • Find solutions to problems

Daily meditation keeps your mind, body, and soul aligned with your masculine and feminine energies so you get to benefit from both.

Final Thoughts

Embracing your masculine and feminine energy allows you to live with an open mindset. It gives you the freedom to be creative, proactive, and balanced whether you’re a man or a woman. Keeping your masculine and feminine energies in balance lets you live a harmonized life that is fulfilling, meaningful, purposeful, and peaceful.

Accepting both energies give you the personal power to live an authentic life that is TRUE for you. It allows you to slow down and be present while still DOING. You can BE while playing a vital role in your workplace.

Some days you need more masculine energy while other days you can focus on BEING. But, keeping both more or less in alignment is better for your overall well-being.

This post was updated on June 21st, 2024.

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