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3 Empowering Books for Holistic Self-Healing

Updated: Jan 8

My clients and anyone else who knows me well know how curious I'm about thoughts and how they manifest physically in our bodies. When someone tells me they have a sore shoulder, I ask them if they feel they’re carrying the world on their shoulders. What burdens do they need to shift so they can start to heal?

That’s the power of holistic healing. It’s not just taking a handful of pills to chase away the symptoms bothering you. While that may be a great short-term solution, it’s not going to help you heal completely.

Holistic healing focuses on the mind, body, and soul. Through this form of healing, you need to work on all aspects of your SELF in order to fully recover. This topic fascinates me and I’m always looking for books that teach more about the subject.

Here are four books I have in my own library and which I refer to often when trying to understand what is bothering me (or someone else) when they start to feel or show physical ailments of the body.

1. Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself! – Lise Bourbeau

This is my “go-to” book whenever I want to look up a symptom, illness, or disease and its metaphysical cause. The author spent many years researching the correlation between the physical and the metaphysical.

This book is a culmination of everything she discovered. Her aim? To help people have a deeper understanding of the causes of such illnesses, ailments, and other problems that bother our bodies.

Lise Bourbeau believes when we’re faced with an illness, the body is trying to tell us something – especially that our way of thinking is out of balance. Our illness or disease is communicating to us to reflect on our beliefs and review what needs to be changed.

Not only does the book give an in-depth explanation of the theory of metaphysical healing but it includes a wide range of illnesses and diseases in alphabetical order. Each illness or disease is divided into the following sections:

  • The physical block

  • The emotional block

  • The mental block

  • The spiritual block and conclusion

At the end of the book, a list of key questions is included to help you become more in touch with the cause of your specific illness or disease.

2. Heal Your Body – Louise Hay

This phenomenal lady used her own journey through healing and shares her insights in many of her books. This particular book is another wonderful guide helping you to discover the cause of a specific physical ailment bothering you.

She takes it a step further by including information to guide you through the thought patterns causing the physical problem and how to overcome it. The author comes from the perspective that our thoughts create our life experiences. Well, they do, don't they?

When we become more aware of our own thought patterns and the energy vibrations they create, we can have a better understanding of why our bodies suffer from various physical problems.

Louise Hay has written numerous books so it’s worthwhile exploring all her books and adding them to your library.

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, I explored the mind-body connection in depth. I wanted to know what was going on in my own mind so I could understand what caused my cancer to manifest. But, I also wanted to explore natural methods of caring for my health which is why I liked this book so much.

The author introduces both the anticancer diet and the anticancer mind as a complement to the conventional treatment of various cancers. He firmly believes we can strengthen our own body’s natural defenses against cancer by implementing the natural methods he talks about in his book.

He shares how our environment, lifestyle, and trauma all play a role in our fight against cancer. He shares his findings on both conventional and alternative methods and how to use them to inhibit the growth of cancer. This integrative approach to healing is powerful and empowering for anyone facing the BIG “C”.

The part that caught my attention was his section on the anticancer mind. In his own words, Dr. David Servan-Schrieber emphasizes that “…we must pay close attention to the mind-body connection, especially the negative impact of prolonged feelings of helplessness and despair. When left unattended, these feelings – not the stresses of life themselves – contribute to the inflammatory processes that can help cancer grow”.

The author shares his own story of dealing with brain cancer as well as many others. These stories give anyone living with cancer hope that they too can conquer this disease. While Dr. David Servan-Schreiber died 20 years later after his diagnosis of brain cancer, I still believe his methods are worth exploring as part of any cancer treatment.

Final Thoughts

A friend once told me that we need “modern medicines to fight modern-day illnesses”. I agree with him – to an extent. But, I also firmly believe that our bodies are always telling us something deeper when it starts to present with physical problems.

By exploring both conventional and alternative healing methods, I believe you’re giving yourself an integrative and extremely empowering tool to heal yourself. A client once told me that without good health we can’t do much else. It makes sense – a good sense of wellbeing is the base from which you can live your life, holistically, completely, and with love.

This post was updated on January 23rd, 2023.

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