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The Power of Thoughts: How They Create Your Experiences

This weekend, someone in my circle of friends was battling with a family issue that was causing tension for her. She was messaging over our chat group, stating her fears about the upcoming family get-together which was causing her to stress and worry about what might happen.

Someone else, in this circle of friends, drew an oracle card for her and the message was “Focus – Think about what you want, not what you don’t want. Guard your thoughts carefully because they create your experiences” (Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards).

I've mulled over these wise words all weekend and I know how true it is that our thoughts do indeed create our experiences. All human emotions lie in our thoughts. Our emotions are the primary cause of our actions or behavior. In turn, this leads to results and consequences which ultimately generate new emotions (reactions).

Read on to find out how your thoughts create your life experiences, both good and bad.

Understanding the Thought Process

If you can understand the thought process clearly enough, you can begin to realize just how powerful your own thoughts are. You can actually change your course of action if you learn to slow down, monitor your thought processes, and recognize them.

Then you can make the choice to respond in a positive, constructive manner rather than react in a negative, destructive way. You can choose your thoughts to serve you or to hold you back.

It’s like putting our hands on the steering wheel of a car. By driving your own car, you have the choice to decide which road to take, how to take the corners, whether to take it slowly or drive like a maniac.

You can do the same by deciding to make the choice to take responsibility as you "drive" along on your life path. By taking responsibility you're choosing the thoughts you want to think so that you can have the life you truly believe you want to experience and live.

Do yourself a favor and read Joseph Murphy's book, "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" and discover the tools for unlocking the phenomenal power of your subconscious mind.

Where Do Your Thoughts Come From?

All that chatter in your mind. Where do all those thoughts come from? Do you conjure them out of nowhere? Sometimes it feels like that but if you turn inwards and listen to your thoughts, you may be able to find their source.

Your thoughts are driven by your beliefs. And, where do your beliefs come from? They come from yourself, your parents, your teachers, your friends, your siblings, your aunts and uncles, the media, television - the list is endless.

By understanding where your thoughts come from, you're able to determine whether those thoughts deserve to take up valuable mind-estate space in your head. If you're not sure whether those thoughts should be talking in your mind, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who told me this?

  • Where did I hear this from?

  • How old was I when I first heard this?

  • What evidence do I have to support this thought?

  • Is this my thought or does it belong to someone else?

  • Does this thought serve me?

When you understand where the thought comes from you can then decide whether to keep it, discard it, build it up, or break it down.

Your Thoughts Drive Your Behavior

Our beliefs are made up of both positive and negative thoughts. Which ones play out in your minds are determined by what you truly believe in. And, they play out in your life experiences.

If you believe you're not good enough, your life experiences will reflect that in the way you handle your relationships, careers, and all other aspects of your life.

You can expect to attract the wrong kind of person to be your life partner. Your career will never take off, and you'll feel like nothing ever works out for you. This is because you're reflecting out to the world, "I am not good enough" by the very actions you take.

Take the example of my friend who was worried about her upcoming family get-together. Guess what? It was a disaster - just as she imagined it would be. Her daughter-in-law argued with her and told her she was a busy body and should stop interfering in her son's life. This led to a blow-out between her own daughter and daughter-in-law.

The family get-together ended up with my friend and her daughter leaving the party in tears and the son angry with his wife for ticking off his mother. Little did he realize his mother went to the party believing there was going to be a fight. She proved herself right!

That's the power of thought. If my friend had gone with the intention to only show love and non-judgment, then the outcome could have been different.

Use Doreen Virtue's "Healing With the Angels Oracle Cards" to give you daily messages of love and guidance. If our friend had listened to the message, the outcome of her family get-together could have been so different!

Guard Your Thoughts Carefully

When you're aware of your thoughts, you're given the opportunity to change them if they're going to lead to a negative outcome. Your life experiences are the result of all those thoughts that go tumbling through your mind. So, guard those thoughts very carefully.

Focus on what you want to experience and as the law of attraction tells you, you'll live out the experience you want. But, if you focus on what you don't want to experience, well, the law of attraction knows no difference. The Universe will simply give you what you're focusing on whether it's what you want or don't want.

Read Ester Hicks's book, "The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships" to get a deeper understanding of how the law of attraction works.

Final Thoughts

Today, make it your affirmation to “Guard your thoughts carefully” so that you can create the experiences you want to experience in your own life. You have the power within you to do this. That is the power of your thoughts.

Embrace it.

This post was originally published on February, 22nd 2021, and updated on April, 13th 2022.

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