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7 Blue Crystals and Their Spiritual Meanings

Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, and magnificent colors. They carry healing energies and each one has a special spiritual meaning too. You can use them as talismans, as tools for unblocking stagnant energies, and for restoring emotional, mental, and physical balance.

Crystals are beautiful stones and every person who believes in the metaphysics of healing should have a few in their spiritual toolbox.

I had a dream the other night. A little boy was digging through a heap of crystals in his sandpit. While he was searching through all the stones, he put aside the rose quartz crystals into one pile. Knowing the little boy as I do, I knew he was sending out a BIG message of love with all those rose quartz stones.

But, he was still searching for something else when suddenly he raised his hand, gleefully. In his fingers, he held the most beautiful blue crystal.

The color blue is associated with the throat chakra as well as healing. But, do all blue crystals carry the same meaning? What are the different types of blue crystals? And, do they each carry a special message? Read on as I talk about seven different blue crystals and how you can use them in your spiritual practices.

1. Blue Aragonite

The light-blue aragonite stone has a gentle energy. It’s also known as Caribbean Calcite and is a wonderful stone for soothing emotional exhaustion. Blue Aragonite will help to improve your energy levels by unblocking stagnant flow, especially through the Heart and Throat chakras as well as the Third Eye.

Use Blue Aragonite if you want to find more patience, or when trying to tap into your intuition. This stone also helps you to have more insight into your emotional turmoil while healing relationships. Keep Blue Aragonite in your pocket and hold one in your hand whenever you seek calmness and clarity.

2. Amazonite

When you wear Amazonite, you’re given the courage to speak your truth. This blue-green stone doesn’t come from the Amazon River despite its name. It was first mined in Miass, a Russian city but this crystal is also found in the Pikes Peak and Crystal Peak of Colorado, United States. Studies indicate the coloring is a result of water and a small amount of lead in the feldspar.

Amazonite is also good for dispelling feelings of loneliness and will help calm trauma or anxiety. Using this stone in a ritual or carrying it will help get rid of all fears and worries while shifting negative energies. If you need to set healthy boundaries, then use the Amazonite crystal to help you create your own consensus circle.

3. Aquamarine

If you find yourself facing a conflict, get yourself an Aquamarine crystal. The energy of this stone is known to calm down heightened emotions while soothing conflicts in a relationship. The rich blue to greenish-blue hues of this crystal can range from vibrant to lighter coloring. Because of these beautiful colors, the stone often carries the message of good health, ageless youth, and hope.

Aquamarine encourages you to live according to your TRUTH. So, not only do you speak your truth but you're empowered to be all that you are. This crystal will also help you shift old patterns, opening up space for new and better beliefs. This is an excellent stone to have when you want to start decluttering, both physically and mentally.

4. Angelite

The Angelite is a glacier-blue stone with soft hues that could also have hints of lilac in it. It’s a special stone used to enhance your spiritual awareness and connection. It’s associated with the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras, making it a good stone for open communication. It helps you to express what you want to say without any fear or anxiety. Angelite is also good for calming down tempers and preventing heated conversations.

The harmonious energy of the Angelite crystal brings you closer to the presence of a Higher Being or your spiritual guides. Use this stone during meditation when you seek such connection. This beautiful stone is also ideal for those times when you feel you’re losing faith or are battling to forgive someone. Its tranquil energies will restore your faith once more.

5. Blue Apatite

If you’re working hard on manifesting something, make sure you have a Blue Apatite crystal in your toolbox. This stone is often a combination of blue, green, and gold colors. It’s found in Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Madagascar, and Burma. Blue Apatite is associated with psychic energies and allows you to expand your intuition and knowledge. It’s an excellent stone for doing past-life regressions, helping you tap into the Akashic records.

The Blue Apatite is a good stone to use whenever doing inner work and will give you a deep insight into your SELF. And, if you’re striving to achieve a goal, use this crystal to keep you on track and focused on your path ahead.

6. Blue Kyanite

Kyanite comes in a range of blue-grey colors and is known for improving your vibrational energies during meditation. It’s a wonderful healing crystal and works on all chakras, unblocking and releasing a gentle energy flow through your body. It’s also a good stone for balancing your yin and yang energies.

Kyanite can also be used to:

  • Improve your psychic abilities

  • Bring calm and tranquility

  • Improve communication

  • Shift negative energies such as anger, fear, and stress

7. Blue Sapphire

This list of blue crystals would not be complete without the sapphire included. This beautiful, deep vivid blue stone is associated with royalty. Its energy is good for attracting abundance, gifts, and good fortune. Wear this gemstone when you want to ward off negative energies. And, if you seek clarity of mind, this stone will assist you.

Blue Sapphire is also good for improving your intuition and enhancing your spiritual connection. While it works on all chakras, it’s particularly good for opening the Third Eye. It’s also good for releasing stagnant energy in your Throat Chakra so you can express yourself more clearly while speaking the truth. It’s also a wonderful stone for tapping into your inner wisdom.

Final Thoughts

There are many more blue crystals you can look out for. These seven are just some of the ones you can add to your collection of healing tools. You can carry them in your pocket or handbag, or keep them in your wallet. When performing a healing ritual, hold a blue crystal in your hand.

You can also keep a blue stone close to you on your desk especially if your work entails writing or communicating with others. Blue crystals kept in the home will help to release the buildup of negative energies and you can also use them to connect with your angels or spirit guides.

And, if you need the courage to stand up and speak your truth, any of the blue crystals on this list will give you the strength you need.

This post was updated on May 9th, 2024.

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