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I am truly blessed - the power of gratitude

I overheard a lady take a phone call today. I didn’t hear the words but I could hear her tone of voice – the news was not good. As the morning progressed and she took more calls, I could hear her hysteria worsen until eventually she came and ask me to let her out of the building I was working in. I could see she had been crying and I asked if I could help her in anyway. The dam wall burst and she told me that not only was she dealing with her mother-in-law dying from Stage 3 cancer but that the news she had received to-day was that her husband has just been diagnosed with cancer. For her, the world was falling apart and all she could keep saying was “When will the bad news stop coming?”. All I could do was give her a big hug, wish her strength and send her love. There’s not much else one can say really at times like this. A complete stranger watching her world fall apart around her.

As I sent her on her way, I sat down and immediately realised just how lucky I am that, for now, my world around me is stable. I have a partner I love, a daughter I love and cherish with all of my heart, a crazy German Shepherd I adore and a new home that is so full of hope, vibrant energy and love.

I have a brother and his beautiful family whom give me so much pleasure.

I have a business that gives me such fulfilment as my clients expand in their own self-awareness and empowerment.

I have a tribe that encircles me with love, support and encouragement – my friends, my shaman teacher, my yoga teacher, my kinesiologist, my shaman friends…..the list could go on. I am truly blessed.

I got the all-clear on my health at the beginning of the year (after a few minor scares) and I have met some incredibly special people while I grasp the reality of living with my disabilities. I have access to good medical care. For this, I am truly grateful.

I get to go on holidays to some of the most beautiful places in South Africa – wow! we underestimate the beauty of this country.

I live with sunshine 365 days of the year, although we do have to get through a few months of winter every year which challenges my own sense of gratitude sometimes! I have space. I have freedom. I have choice. I am truly blessed.

I have access to electricity (and when I don’t, then I am grateful for the peace and quiet that load-shedding brings). I have access to clean water. I can choose whatever I want to eat. For this I am truly grateful.

The list can go on and everyday I am reminded of all the things that I can be grateful for. The more I choose to live in the moment, the more I realise just how truly blessed I am, every minute of the day. Yes, I know there will be challenges in the future and I cannot deny the challenges I face right now in my own life but somehow, when I hear of someone else’s own personal challenges, I am grateful that my own challenges seem so much easier to manage.

Consider the following powerful questions:

“What are you grateful for today?”

“In how many different ways are you truly blessed in your own life?”

Go on – make a list. And, continue to be grateful every moment of your life.

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