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Generosity - the art of giving and receiving

Generosity can be given in many ways - with money, love or our time. We can give it in the forms of “heart” emojis on a WhatsApp message, hugs, a listening ear or even a shoulder to cry on. When we are in the space to give financially, we can help others by taking the worries and strains off their own problems by helping them out with money. Often times, generosity is welcomed when it comes in the form of moral support.

The best form of generosity is that given “unconditionally”. If one understands the purest form of giving, one will understand that the natural flow of energy determines that what you give will come back to you in many other different ways – after all, there is an infinite supply of abundance for all. By trusting this process, we are able to give unconditionally, without any expectations or stress, while releasing any obligations on the person we are giving to.

We all love to give and contribute but if we are not in the right space ourselves, whether financially, emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually, we will find it very hard to be generous with others especially with no strings attached. Which brings us to the self-awareness of how important it is to nurture ourselves, love ourselves, be kind with ourselves before we can practice any form of generosity with others.

So, while the art of giving is being generous “unconditionally”, the art of receiving is realising that it’s not about taking but about receiving with gratitude, with the same open hands which the giving was given, with the realisation that there are so many people out there who do really want to help and to support and to give love, whatever form they may choose to give it in.

Many of us battle to be in the “receiving” position, immediately reacting with panic, “How can I ever repay what I am being given?”, instead of simply being grateful and receiving with peace, knowing that, as with all flows of energy, the giver will receive – maybe not directly from you, but they will receive. Likewise, as you receive you will be able to give – in many other ways.

Giving and receiving go hand-in-hand and to keep the flow of energy going we would do well to understand the art of generosity.

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