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My little moments that make me grateful

When I was looking at my past blog posts, I was reminded of the one I wrote at the beginning of the year about capturing all those thousands of little moments in a glass jar. I never did capture all my moments in a glass jar but as I sit and reflect back on this year, I can recall so many wonderful, inspiring, frightening and joyful moments that I treasure with all of my heart, with absolute gratitude. It hasn’t been an easy one for many but if we can remember those “thousands of little moments” then we can embrace the good with the bad. I share some of my moments with you and encourage you to take some time out and reflect on this past year and make a list of all your own, special moments:

  • My daughter, my daughter, my daughter – it hasn’t been an easy year for my daughter but she always pushes on with determination and guts. She turned 21 this year and her party was a special moment to treasure, especially her awesome speech. I am blessed and truly grateful to have this unique, amazing woman in my life. And, to think that she is my very own daughter!

  • My partner – there have been many, many special moments with my partner. The laughs, the tears, the frustrations, the endless pep talks, the encouragement, the healing care. I am so grateful and so blessed for all these moments we have together.

  • My dogs – well, what can I say? My German Shepherd is my shadow. He never fails to love me no matter how grumpy, sad or miserable I am. I just have to look up and see him looking at me with his piercing, patient beautiful eyes. Every moment spent with him is a moment of love, peace and happiness. Our little rescue dog has also crept into my heart and moments with her are special.

  • My shaman teacher – over and over again, Lionel inspires, entertains and encourages each one of us to grow. Every shaman workshop is a moment to embrace and grow.

  • My shaman group of friends – oh, to be in a safe space with like-minded people! I am blessed and so grateful for all the moments we share together.

  • My other friends – they are always there for me. We may not see each other often but the get-togethers (when they happen), the phone calls, the Whatsapp messages are all moments I love and I am truly grateful for.

  • The rest of my family – coffee breaks with my mom, seeing my sister-in-law finally beginning to smile and laugh again, my brother’s pop-in visits (I really enjoy those moments), hugs from my gorgeous niece and of course, the pure joyful moments my baby nephew brings with him through his smiles and laughter. I have watched my “in-law” parents (like all recently retired folks) endure a year which hasn’t been easy for them but they have done it with style! And, my little nephew-in-law who brings us all so many joyful moments. All of these moments I am so grateful for.

  • Surviving cervical cancer – wow! This one came out of nowhere and I cannot believe that 6 months down the line I can say ‘Shew, got through that one!”. There were a whole lot of amazing moments that came out of this little life experience – moments of beginning to understand what pure love was all about, many moments of seeing the world through a totally different pair of eyes and realising just how beautiful the world really is, moments of being so grateful for the excellent medical care we do still have in this country, moments of just “living in the moment” minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. And, having 6 weeks off work!!! For all of this, I am so grateful.

  • Receiving the wonderful gift of healing – I am eternally grateful for the special love, time and effort that so many gifted healers spend on me. Thank you each and every one of you. Each healing moment is a true gift.

  • My other job – this is a difficult one for me and yet I am so grateful for all the lessons I have learnt and I am still learning. To be honest, these moments are ones I endure, not often with grace, but at the end of the day, with patience and acceptance.

  • My real job – becoming a life coach was one huge moment for me….qualifying as a certified New Insights coach in record time as well as with meritorious distinctions proved to me that I can still do it despite the last time I truly studied anything was in 1984! The biggest, most empowering moment of this particular journey was discovering my true purpose in life.

  • My own life coach – the Saturday mornings spent indulging in “me” and getting support from my own life coach. Those hours are moments I look back on with happiness and gratefulness.

  • My clients – they all deserve a huge round of applause! Each one of my clients have been unique, determined to make the changes they wanted to make and to be part of their journeys has brought many, many special moments for me.

  • And, then there were all the other little moments that I am so grateful to have had this year – the sunrises and sunsets, the Moon rituals, the birds in our garden, our collection of trees that grows (not only in height but in numbers too!), planting up my herb garden, moments of connecting with my spirit world, sitting in the sun, hearing the rain, sleeping in on Sunday mornings, hearing the neighbours’ children play and getting hugs from them when I come home (those are such joyful moments). Going to plant nurseries, eating junk food, watching movies, reading, reading, reading, doing spiritual readings for special people, making dream catchers, colouring in mandalas, meditation.

The list could go on. And, I am sure if I had captured all these moments into a glass jar, I would have had a “thousand little moments” that have brought so much magic into my life this year. I am truly blessed.

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