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50 things that make me happy

Last night while I was sitting in my shaman class listening to our shaman teacher, Lionel, I suddenly realised I was happy. Happiness comes in moments, often when we least expect it. Those moments may stretch to a few hours, a couple of days, maybe even months and years. Often we take times of happiness for granted until something happens to rock our boat. Then we mourn the loss of those “happy days”, wondering if we will ever be happy again. But, it’s the awareness of those moments that make us happy, the realisation that even though we may be battling with many challenges, being in the Now and being aware will help you to realise that there are actually many moments of happiness that can lift you and put you into a better space.

An exercise I carry out with my coaching clients is asking them to make a list of “50 Things that make me Happy”. Initially, there are gasps of “Gees, 50 is a lot!” but when they sit down and think about what really makes them happy, they are amazed at the many little, very special things that make them happy. I encourage them to put this list somewhere so they can see it on a daily basis. I ask them to pick one thing a day off that list and do it so they are guaranteed moments of happiness every day or when they are having a really glum day, refer to their list and do one of the things on their list that will take them out of the glumness just for a little while and allow for a moment of happiness to step in.

Here is my list of ’50 Things that make me Happy”:

1. Going for early morning walks

2. Going to the Pretoria Botanical Gardens

3. Spending time with my partner

4. Making spiritual wands

5. Spending time with my daughter

6. Getting letters from my aunt

7. Having my dogs around me

8. Being with my nieces and nephew

9. Sitting in my garden surrounded by all my trees

10. Sitting under huge trees

11. Attending my monthly shaman classes

12. Stroking a cat

13. Working with my life coaching clients

14. A power nap on a Sunday afternoon

15. Having a cappuccino (and discovering that soy milk makes a good cappuccino!)

16. A delicious slice of cake!

17. Writing my blogs

18. My daily cup of coffee

19. Doing Journey Tree readings

20. Having an energy healing treatment

21. Gardening

22. A clean house!

23. Meeting friends for coffee/lunch

24. Flowers

25. Putting on a pretty dress

26. Fresh linen on the bed

27. Hiking in the bushveld

28. Sitting under the stars next to a fire

29. Camping

30. Roasting marshmallows on the fire

31. Doing moon rituals

32. Funny videos on Facebook

33. Having a hot bath

34. Listening to music

35. Swimming in rock pools

36. Going to the theatre

37. Laughing

38. Watching a good movie at the cinema

39. Meditation

40. Solitude

41. Watching the sunrise/sunsets

42. Eating a good piece of fillet

43. Spending time at Random Harvest

44. Watching my clients transform

45. Watching dvds on a Friday night

46. Doing a crossword

47. Cooking

48. Hearing children laughing and playing

49. Reading, reading, reading!

50. Sunshine

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