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What politicians do or not do is a spiritual matter.

I do not like to write about political upheavals yet what has happened in our country in the past few days has caused many of us to reflect on what is going on behind the scenes of our truly beautiful country, South Africa.

Many of us are despairing, others are shrugging their shoulders resignedly and yet more are preparing for marches on Friday 7th April. My initial response to the shock of what our president did last week was to respond with love and to send out energies of healing. Normally I would have responded with anger and frustration but I have learnt that this gets me nowhere. So, I am learning to choose love and healing.

I give thanks to my wise shaman teacher, Lionel Berman, who has brought me to this stage of my journey. I also give thanks to his wise words in response to the situation our country is facing right now – it is through love that we can heal and help others heal.

And, as Mahatma Gandhi so wisely said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet”.

“What politicians do or not do is a spiritual matter…for the politics I care not…things come and things go…what is important is how a person who is connected and aware spiritually responds…fear hopelessness and helplessness are not a response…to love is to be within a state of joy: where joy is a centre of peace even in the face of difficulties…as Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world”…there are horrible and terrifying things in the world all the time but love for self, others and our world wins through no matter what, “Do not let other’s dirty feet walk through your mind” – Lionel Berman.

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