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The Wonder of Messages from our Spirit World.

I love watching out for messages from my spirit guides. They come in many different ways and forms. Sometimes, they make no sense at the time, but I take note of them, record them in my “Shaman Journal”, knowing that one day they will make sense. I am always grateful when I receive these messages as they are confirmations that I am not alone and that my prayers are being taken noticed of and answered. At times I feel frustrated as I try to interpret their meanings but eventually, I do get the message even if it’s just a feather, reassuring me that my request has been heard.

Numbers are one of the ways I seek my answers. Numbers that repeat themselves, over and over on the same day, appearing on car license plates, signboards, street numbers, even the numbers on the rubbish bins. I know then, for sure, that this is a message from my spirit guides.

Another way to receive a message from our spirit world is to be observant of Mother Nature – birds and their calls, feathers, animals and even the colour of flowers as I take my early morning walks. Some days, I will notice pictures of one of my spirit animals cropping up everywhere – on Facebook, on flyers, on a truck driving pass – and I know then, for sure, that I must heed their messages.

Last week, I watched a Woodlands Kingfisher fly into a tree, only a few meters away from me, with a huge, fat lizard in his beak. He proceeded to bash this poor lizard against a branch before swallowing it whole. Not only did I take this as a message from my spirit guide but I also recognised it to be a very significant message for me and the situation I am currently facing.

These messages open up the magic that is the spirit world. Be observant; ask your question and then watch the miracles unfold before you as the messages flow in. Never underestimate the wonders of the spirit world.

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