• Jana Field

Guard your thoughts carefully. They create your experiences.

This weekend, someone in my circle of friends, was battling with a family issue which was causing tension for her. She was messaging over our chat group, stating her fears about the upcoming family get-together which was causing her to stress and worry about what might happen. Someone else, in this circle of friends, drew a card for her and the message was “Focus – Think about what you want, not what you don’t want. Guard your thoughts carefully because they create your experiences”.

I have mulled over these wise words all weekend and I know how true it is that our thoughts do indeed create our experiences. All human emotions lie in our thoughts. Our emotions are the primary cause of our action or behavior, which, in turn, leads to results and consequences which ultimately generate new emotions (reactions). If we can understand this process clearly enough, we can begin to realise just how powerful our own thoughts are and how we can actually change our course of action if we can just learn to slow down, monitor our thought processes, recognise them and then make the choice to respond in a positive, constructive manner rather than react in a negative, destructive way.

It’s like putting our hands on the steering wheel of a car. By driving our own car, we have the choice to decide which road to take, how to take the corners, whether to take it slowly or go like maniacs. We can do the same by deciding to make the choice to take responsibility as we "drive" along on our life-path. By taking responsibility we are choosing the thoughts we want to think so that we have have the life we truly believe we want to experience and live.

Today, make it your affirmation to “Guard your thoughts carefully” so that you can create the experiences you want to experience in your own life. You have the power within you to do this. Embrace it.


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