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Making 2017 the year of a "thousand little moments".

As with every New Year, I received many quotes, videos and messages about making New Year’s resolutions, at the beginning of 2017. Every year, we are faced with coming up with resolutions and goals that will help us make that “one big change” that will allow us to live a new and more exciting life, different to the past year that we have just said goodbye to. We are challenged to change our ways so that we can make this year “the year when great things happened”! However, within a few weeks, we slip back into our old ways, resign ourselves to the “comfort zone” and before we know it, the new year ends up like any other year!

So (unless you are making use of a great life coach who can assist you with your awesome goals)why not consider making 2017 the year where you make a “thousand little moments” that lift and inspire you throughout the year? Focus on recognising and acknowledging all the “moments” that happen to you. Think about how you can go out and make those “moments” happen. One of my clients values magic in her life and she actively makes magical “moments” happen on a daily basis. One of the simplest things she enjoys doing is sprinkling glitter everywhere, even on the food she eats! For her, this creates very magical moments that make her happy and smile.

I saw a fabulous idea doing the rounds on Facebook –decorate an empty bottle and at the end of every week spend some time mulling over your favourite or defining moments for that week. Write them down and put them into the bottle. At the end of the year, you can then open the bottle and read all your “thousands of little moments” that made 2017 a memorable, defining and amazing year for you.

A journal is another excellent way of recording all those “moments” that have taken place during the year. A “moment” can be something small or something big. It can be a happy “moment” or a “sad” moment. But, whatever “moment” it is, recognise it for the impact it has on you. Every “moment” has the potential to become a “defining moment”. And, it is the “defining moments” that, upon self-reflection, can lead you to some big changes in your own personal journey through life.

The important thing is to be able to realise when that “defining moment” has happened and to embrace it for the lessons it is showing you. It can be as simple as becoming aware of the “ordinary” little moments that can bring so much joy and happiness on a daily basis – the blooms of a flower, the singing of the birds in the early morning, sunrises and sunsets, delicious food, the glitter. Or, it could be a momentous moment that shakes you to your core, bringing you to the realisation that the life-path you are travelling needs to change, that deep and important lessons need to be learnt and applied.

Whatever your “moments”, may they help you to make each and every day of your life magical, defining and full of light, love and blessings.

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