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Celebrating another year...the power of visualisation

I cannot believe, yet again, that I am writing this as another year comes to an end. We call this the silly season as we get caught up in the whirlwind of November and December. It’s a time for finishing off work deadlines, wrapping up work commitments for the year, planning our holidays, partying at year-end functions and counting down the days to our last working day for the year.

Most of us are feeling worn out, astonished that we have somehow got through another year!

I always use this time of the year to reflect back on the year that has been and start planning for my journey into the new year. I review my vision board that I created at the beginning of the year and once again, realise the power of visualisation. As I look at all the pictures and words I had cut out, with such feeling of pending excitement, and pasted onto a board, I marvel at how my life has unfolded accordingly (often in ways I had least expected!)

With gratitude, I celebrate yet another year full of so many vibrant, sometimes challenging, sometimes welcoming experiences.

Life experiences are given to us to help us grow. We can resist them or we can simply embrace them and go with the flow. As I look over my own experiences this year, I can truly say to myself that I have allowed myself to go with the flow on many occasions, with the occasional resistance kicking in – what would life be without the odd urge to resist and control???

The key word for me this year was responsibility. An empowering word. A scary word, yes, but admittedly, an empowering one. Being responsible has allowed me the ability to make choices, knowing that the action I take or do not take, will give me different results but nevertheless, results that I responsibly chose.

Without even realising it at the time I was working on my vision board and goal, I was taking responsibility for how I wanted to see my life unfold this year. What a thrilling thought!

So, where did all this responsibility take me this year?

My goals for this year were to continue growing my coaching business, find time to destress, take care of my own health, continue to see (and this one in particular, I had not idea what it meant but I just knew that despite losing my eyesight, I wanted to learn to truly see), make time for my personal relationships, find happiness in the ordinariness of life, have fun in our new home, embrace abundance and be open to higher vibrations on a spiritual level.

The results?

· My coaching business has grown in leaps and bounds this year. I have met amazing people, coached phenomenal clients and I continue to be thrilled by their own personal growth. Even more exciting is that I head into the new year with a list of clients waiting to start their own journey of change with me. What an honour.

· I have given myself permission to take time off and spend many afternoons and weekends simply sitting in my garden and gazing into space. What a way to destress!

· My health is important to me and the above step was crucial to ensuring that I kept my general health on an even keel as well as regular yoga classes at my favourite Lunar Sky studio and early morning walks.

· My personal relationships with the people that truly matter to me, keep growing stronger, the stronger I get😊

· Ordinariness is one of my values – it’s all about turning the ordinary moments into extraordinary moments and once I discovered the freedom in this, I have started to find happiness in the simplest of things.

· Oh, we are having so much fun in our new home! Our little backyard koppie allows us to sit high up above Johannesburg and enjoy the views all around. Every time I look out of one of our windows onto our garden, I truly believe I am in a little piece of bushveld. And, all of this in one of the busiest, craziest suburbs of Johannesburg!

· Spiritually, it’s been a year of exploration on a spiritual level. My shamanic teacher helps me to increase my vibrations but I have also engaged with many of my like-minded tribal people to find ways of increasing my spiritual awareness. It’s an ongoing journey and I am loving it.

· Abundance has been good to me this year! My savings increases somehow magically. I was gifted a wonderful trip to visit two of my most favourite people in Zimbabwe. I received beautiful gifts of jewellery that, in themselves, were all about abundance. I am blessed with food, water, electricity, transport, a country that I love and much, much more. Abundance flows in my life and I am extremely grateful.

· Continuing to “see” – the more I lose my eyesight, the more I begin to see. It’s been amazing how my internal and external worlds have opened up since facing the reality of my RP. And, I can honestly say (bar a few meltdown moments!), I am having fun with my new journey of being partially sighted. I am engaging with the wonderful SA Guide Dogs Association whom have opened up a whole new world of independence and freedom for me through the white cane and their special Orientation & Mobility trainer. I am experiencing energy healing as my healer in Plettenberg Bay continues to weave her magic, using energy to help me maintain my eyesight. I have also learnt that reaching out for help and accepting that help makes me feel warm, fuzzy and safe!

So, as I prepare to say goodbye to a year that has been good to me, I look forward to 2020 with love, gratitude and excitement. And, I continue to expand in love, success and abundance as I inspire those around me to do so.

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