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Book Reviews: Tapping Into the Power of the Mind

My personal development journey is always enhanced by reading a wide variety of inspirational books available. In this article, I’ve picked three books that have helped me explore the power of the mind.

Read on to discover what these books are and how they can help you in your own journey to finding and developing your Self.

My Top Picks

  1. "Mind Power into the 21st Century" – John Kehoe

  2. "The Big Leap" – Gay Hendriks

  3. "Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon" – Dr. Joe Dispenza

The first time I read this incredible book was in 2008. I had just spent an evening watching Robin Banks give an inspiring talk about the power of the mind. During the interval, I bought the book and when I got home late that night, I read the book until early morning.

John Kehoe’s book, “Mind Power into the 21st Century” opened up a whole new inner world for me. It was the first time I became aware of the power of the subconscious mind and how incorporating visualization into my everyday life would produce some phenomenal results.

I was introduced to the concept of beliefs and imprinting and how we take on the beliefs of others as far back as into our childhood. I learned how to unravel the beliefs that weren’t mine to carry and to pick those that were empowering and wise to hold onto or even improve upon.

The book encouraged me to recognize and tap into my intuition and to work on my self-image. I was also shown how there are no problems but only opportunities. In other words, I was taught to only see opportunities.

This book is simply written while being powerful at the same time. It captures you from page one and by the end of the book, you are equipped with simple tools and techniques to help you tap into the power of your own mind.

If you’re looking for a gentle introduction to the power of your mind, this book is the one for you. I warn you though! It’s only the beginning and once you’ve started opening your mind to all its potential, which this book does for you, you’re going to want more!

I was introduced to this book when I started training as a New Insights Life Coach. We were always encouraged to expand our learnings through reading books. Gay Hendricks’ book, “The Big Leap” helped me understand how people limit themselves by setting a certain threshold.

If they extend themselves beyond that threshold, they may feel intimidated, overwhelmed, or even fearful. The result is an act of self-sabotage.

Gay Hendricks talks about being aware of your hidden fears and by doing so, he equips you with the tools to go to the next level. He refers to the “Upper Limit Problem”, the level where you think you can’t go beyond. Even the most successful people in life have a certain “Upper Limit Problem”.

This book takes you on a step-by-step journey by firstly helping you identify the problem that’s holding you back from realizing and achieving your true potential. Gay Hendricks doesn’t leave you alone as you progress to the next step of dismantling your problem and preparing for the big leap.

The ultimate goal is reaching and living in your “Zone of Genius”. All of this is done by understanding how your mind operates and how it can stop you from reaching your “Zone of Genius”.

I have referred this book to many of my own clients to help them explore why they tend to self-sabotage. It’s a fascinating book and I love the way the author talks directly to you as if he’s in the same room as you.

Listen to this interview with the author, Gay Hendriks.

I didn’t know what to expect from this book when I first saw it in the book store. In fact, it was the night before South Africa was to go into its first Level 5 national lockdown and I was stocking up on books to read. I kept picking up Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, “Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon” and then putting it back on the shelf.

It was only when the book store owner came over to me and suggested I buy the book. He obviously had noticed my hesitation. He proceeded to tell me that it was one of the most powerful books he has read about using meditation to work with the mind. So, I added the book to my pile of other self-development books.

What a book! I was first introduced to the science behind meditation and how to use it to tap into ancient wisdom. The author truly believes each and every one of us can be supernatural once we’re equipped with the right information.

He then shows you how to use your learnings to tap into your amazing potential through meditation. Various meditations and their techniques are included in the book and I have used each one of them at different times since reading the book.

By learning how to recondition your mind through meditation, you’re given the power to tap into infinite potentials. I began doing the “Tuning into New Potentials” meditation every day during the lockdown and within three weeks of starting, my world changed dramatically in ways I never thought possible.

I was able to resign from a job that I had been wanting to leave for years. I was offered a new job in a field I had absolutely no knowledge in and one which has turned my life around exponentially. All while we were sitting in lockdown facing an uncertain world. What happened to me should never have happened but it did. All because I was learning to tune into new potentials.

This book turned my life around and as a result, I find myself reaching new stars every day. If you’re looking for a way to re-think life and to tune into your own potentials (and they are infinite), then you have to get this book.

A Final Word on Mind Power

You’re carrying within you, infinite power. I know because I’ve experienced it personally and I’ve watched all my own clients expand beyond what they thought was ever possible. You don’t have to live in a small, narrow-minded way. Life is meant to be awesome. It’s meant to be creative, inspiring, and expansive. I truly believe that.

I know, within each and every one of you, you have the power to create the life you want to live. By reading books such as the ones in this article, you’re giving yourself the tools, knowledge, and skills to tap into the power of your mind.

Go on, amaze yourself, and find your magic. It’s all in the mind!

This book was originally published on January 8th, 2021, and updated on March 25th, 2022.

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