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5 Steps to Getting Back Your Mojo and Zest for Life Again

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Are you battling to get back your mojo and zest for life again? I get you even though it’s only two months into a new year! I have clients telling me that they’re struggling to find the motivation and energy to face everyday life, let alone tackle new goals and find meaning in their lives.

Whether you’re suffering post-pandemic and lockdown blues or simply finding life bland, regaining your zest for life again can be challenging. If you’re feeling flat, depleted, listless, or bored with life, this article is for you! Finding your mojo again is possible – you just need to know how to do it.

Keep reading as I share some steps for bringing back your mojo as you ride out those emotions that threaten to sidetrack you from living your life fully!

5 Steps to Getting Back Your Mojo and Zest for Life Again

Step 1. Stop Wearing the Hair Shirt

When your life doesn’t go according to plan and you start beating yourself up for struggling to find your way through the dark, you’re not doing yourself any favors! Wearing a hair shirt is self-sacrificing as you wallow in self-pity, punishing yourself for not being more motivated, purposeful, or excited about your lot in life.

Whatever you set out to do over the past few years and haven’t achieved yet needs to be released. That’s right – LET. IT.GO. Holding onto past dreams that never came to fruition isn’t serving you and beating yourself up about it is a waste of time and energy.

Be honest and ask yourself what was going on at the time that stopped you from reaching your dreams in the past.

If some dreams are important to you, break them down into manageable small action steps and give yourself permission to start over. After all, today is a new day full of opportunities that you could be blocking out because you’re still berating yourself for not achieving your dreams as yet.

Step 2. Identify Everyday Stressors

Making a list of everyday stressors will highlight the energy drainers immediately! You can do this by looking at the following life areas as they are now and identifying current stressors in each one:

  • Emotional

  • Health

  • Partner (Romantic)

  • Vocation (Career)

  • Money

  • Personal development

  • Social and family relationships

  • Spiritual

Are you prone to negative self-talk? Tick. Are you feeling overweight, bloated, or unfit? Another tick. Which areas of your romantic relationship are causing you stress? Identify them and write them down on your list.

How about your vocation or career life area – are there elements of your job you don’t enjoy doing? What’s going on in your finances that causing you to feel stressed? Write it down.

Are you stressed because of a lack of personal growth? And, are there social or family relationships that are putting unnecessary stressors on you because of poor boundaries? Last, but not least, how’s your connection with a Higher Power? Does it stress you out because you don’t have a strong spiritual connection?

Listing your stressors will demonstrate which are internal problems that need working on and which are external issues that either need to focus on for a solution or eliminated altogether. Assessing your stressors will help you to decide which ones need to be tackled so you can bring about change in your life.

If there are stressors that can’t be removed right now, decide what you’re going to do about them so you can learn to cope with them in your life. Hiring an experienced life coach is an empowering way of tackling your everyday stressors.

Step 3. Improve Your Self-Care Practice

If you’re already practicing self-care but still struggling with zero mojo, you need to improve it. This means putting more energy into giving yourself self-love through loving-kindness practices. This could include doing more meditation, signing up for deep breathwork classes or yoga, journaling often, and spending time in nature.

Creating your own DIY self-care kit is a fun way of ensuring you practice more every day PLUS it’s a great way to start doing it too if you’re a novice to prioritizing yourself. Think of other ways you can energize your self-care practice.

Here are some great ideas:

  • Spend more time on your personal grooming: Making an effort to dress up every day even if you’re working from home instantly gives you a lift. Going for regular haircuts, manicures, pedicures, and beard trimming allows you to feel more energized.

  • Include early morning rituals: Starting your day with early morning rituals ensures you feel energized for whatever is ahead of you. Rituals can include prayers, manifestation, reciting affirmations, or doing a few stretches, all of which will get you into the right mindset for the day.

  • Have more alone time: Spending too much time in the presence of other people can get you feeling pretty frazzled if you don’t protect yourself from energies that sap your energy. Making sure you have alone time throughout the day will help recharge your mojo so you can perform at your best.

Improving your self-care practices not only energizes you but it allows you to feel content, balanced, and motivated to handle whatever the day brings.

Step 4. Participate in Social Events

Okay, this is a difficult one if you don’t enjoy socializing (I’m one of those people!) but hear me out. Participating in social events gives you an instant boost as long as you’re hanging out with like-minded souls. That’s how I get my kick from socializing and connecting with others.

If you’re a social butterfly who's been squashed because of lockdown, get out there and start partying again!

Reconnecting in person is a vital step for gaining your mojo again. While it may be harder to do after years of staying behind doors, taking baby steps to engage with people again is key to finding your zest for life again.

The more you connect with like-minded people and enjoy meaningful conversations, the more you’ll find the vigor to rejoin life again. Introverts might find one-on-one interactions easier to handle while anxious extroverts can keep groups small until their level of energy rises enough to give them to courage to go all out at bigger social events.

Read the empowering book by Vivek H. Murthy M.D., "Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World" which talks about the current crisis of loneliness.

Step 5. Focus on What Really Matters

Are you spreading yourself thin by trying to focus on too many things of which most don’t actually matter to you but somehow you end up doing them anyway! Sometimes, you let life run away with you especially when you say yes when instead you meant no.

Shifting your boundaries and mindset is key to managing your life better so you only end up doing what really matters to you.

Focusing on what brings you joy is a surefire way of re-igniting your mojo. This could be something as simple as starting a new hobby, spending time in the garden (if you enjoy working with plants), or watching the sunset every day.

I encourage my clients to write a list of 50 things that make them happy and to make sure they focus on one thing each day to bring some joy into their lives.

When you focus on what really matters to you, you’re allowing energy to flow where attention goes. And, as the energy flows, your zest for life increases. Increasing your vibrations is vital for living a life that brings you fulfillment, happiness, and motivation to make the necessary changes required for getting back your mojo.

Final Thoughts

Life happens and when it does it sometimes robs you of your mojo. It leaves you feeling depressed, demotivated, and hopeless. While this is a normal response to difficult times, staying in that state isn’t beneficial for your overall well-being. Getting your mojo back is essential if you want to live life fully.

Start slowly by being kind to yourself as you identify what really matters to you and what stressors need to be changed or eliminated completely from your life. Bringing your attention to what really matters and gives you joy helps to kickstart your zest for life while reconnecting with people reignites your energy levels again.

You can get your mojo back – it takes a willingness to step out of your comfort zone that’s holding you back from joining life again. Be proactive by taking baby steps every day while living in the moment. Let go of the past and stop future tripping, both unnecessary stressors that prevent you from regaining your mojo. Just BE!

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