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A Monthly Ritual - reminders for self-care

I have recently come up with a simple but fun way of reminding myself what I need to focus on every month to ensure that I keep up with my own self-care and personal development. As a healer myself, we often get caught up in the lives of others, forgetting that we also need to be kinder with ourselves.

At the beginning of every new month, I set aside some quiet time, burn some incense, light the candles and get out my journal. For five minutes, I use my sound bowl to align my energies and cleanse the air around me. Then, I write down the name of the month I am reflecting on in my journal.

As I look at the month ahead, I tune into all the aspects of that month and ask myself the following questions:

  • What season is the month in?

  • Are there any special dates in that month e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, celebration days?

  • Is it going to be a busy month or is it a holiday month?

  • Which days can I claim for myself?

  • What emotions can I look out for in the month?

  • When are the Full and New Moons?

Here is how my November month looks like😊

  • I can expect gloriously hot days, early sunrises, beautiful sunsets as we continue with summer. As long as the rain gods smile down on us, I can look forward to late afternoon thunder storms and perhaps, if I am really lucky, gentle rains throughout a night.

  • November is a quiet month as far as special dates go! Although I did get married, once upon a time, many eons ago, on a November day. While that marriage may not have survived, I still remember the day with fond memories.

  • November is part of the crazy, end-of-year rush and many of my clients are getting caught up in life! So, while my November month is full with appointments, I do expect postponements. I also have important medical check-ups that fall in November – all part of my self-care practice.

  • Every Sunday is my day! Yay! I get to read my favourite books, bake bread, spend time with my partner, get together with friends……the list goes on. I will also have some Monday evenings free.

  • November is a pretty neutral month for me although I can expect to feel frustrated with clients’ changing dates all the time, work pace picking up with the frantic “end-of-year” energies and apprehension as families start asking us what we are doing for Christmas! I must also watch out for feelings of overwhelm and general fatigue.

  • Full Moon is on the 12th November and New Moon is on the 26th November. Release during Full Month, bring in the new during the New Moon.

I then start a new page in my journal and write the name of the month down the left-side of the page, leaving a few lines between each letter. Using the letters to guide me, I then come up with actions I can take during the month to ensure my own self-care and ongoing personal development. This is the fun part!

N – Nature. Make sure I spend as much time as possible in nature so that I can remain grounded and calm.

O – Opportunities. Keep my eyes open for opportunities. They come in the least expected ways!

V – Vitality. This is especially important to maintain as I start to get caught up in the whirlwind of the “end-of-year” craziness. Keep up with my early morning walks and do my yoga. Make sure I include lots of vegetables and fruits in my diet.

E – Emotions. Be consciously aware of emotions as they surface. Show love to myself and others. Be kind to myself.

M – Massage. Treat myself to a massage😊

B – Beauty. Keep on being grateful for all that surrounds me. Be aware of the beauty that is in my own environment. There is so much of it around. Embrace it.

E – Energies. Be aware of the “end-of-year madness” and don’t let the energies of this hectic period affect my own sanity! Always, always be extra-gentle with myself around Full Moon.

R – Release. Make a conscious effort to release all that is holding me back.

Once I have completed this little ritual, I give thanks to Great Spirit for supporting me and guiding me. I express my gratitude for another month to explore and have fun with.

Each day, every month, brings a new little life to live. While it may seem like I am “forecasting” my month ahead, what I am actually doing is empowering myself to live the month ahead with love, abundance and gratitude. I am giving myself a “head start” so that I can live my days responsibly and not reactively. I am ensuring that, while life still happens, I am giving myself the best chance of creating and living the life I want to live. This monthly ritual is just another proactive step towards the vision I am creating for myself. What rituals can you put in place to help you towards the life you want to live?

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