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Using Moments to Start Afresh

Many of us choose to make changes when it is a new year or it is our birthday or even when a new season begins (especially springtime – how many of us choose to get married in spring?) By choosing to only make changes when there is a big date attached to that change, we are limiting ourselves by giving ourselves so few opportunities to make changes.

Have you considered the possibility of making a change at any moment of your day? How exciting is that thought? At any time, at any point, at any moment of your day you can decide to make a change simply by deciding to make a choice when presented with an opportunity. Let me give you a simple example……I normally eat my lunch while still continuing with my work on my laptop. At that particular moment, when I opened up my lunch, I happened to glance out the window and saw the sun shining. As if it was beckoning me, I decided to close my laptop and took my lunch outside. For an hour, I sat in the sunshine, under the trees, listening to the sounds of the birds and feeling the slight breeze on the skin of my arms. In that hour, I had moments of calm, peace and harmony which I would not have had, had I decided to continue working on my laptop. Based on making a choice, upon a moment, I ended up feeding my soul.

Changes do not have to be big and drastic. They can be simple little habits we can introduce to our daily lives but add up to many little moments that bring us joy and happiness. When we realise the magic of making these changes based on our own self-awareness of what our true SELF needs, then we are truly being kind to ourselves. The ability to tap into the opportunities that moments present to us is the key to our personal freedom.

In a moment, we can decide whether to go for a walk or to stay in bed. In a moment, we can choose to call a friend for a coffee date or we can decide to remain isolated, out of laziness. In a moment, we can realise that something no longer serves us in a positive way and we decide to make a change for the better. How about that moment when someone asks you to do something and with all of your heart you want to say “No” but you always say “Yes”? Well, this is your moment to start creating new, healthier boundaries for yourself. Say “No” without the guilt.

By being mindful of what you really want out of life, you will be more aware of the opportunities that moments present to you and making the right choices. Look back over your life and think of all the life-defining moments you have experienced. Yes, some of them happened after months of planning and striving towards a certain goal but I am sure there have been many defining moments that happened on the spur of a moment when you were faced with a choice and you had to make a decision. Think back on those defining events – were they positive or negative events for you? If they were negative, can you, in all honesty, say that you knew what you really wanted in that moment? Making the most of opportunities requires truly knowing oneself. This is personal freedom.

By all means, have your New Year resolutions, decide to take up a new career when you celebrate your 50th birthday, get married in spring but don’t limit yourself by ignoring the power of what each moment can bring you. Start afresh by choosing to live in the moment.

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