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Making your world a prettier place

“We will be beautiful butterflies this year and make the world a prettier place” - Marianna

A little message has been doing the rounds and it inspires all of us to consider what opportunities the energies of 2018 can bring for us. The message is simple and goes like this:

Year 2016: The caterpillar

Year 2017: The cocoon

Year 2018: The butterfly

The Butterfly is all about transformation. Depending on which stage of the Butterfly cycle of self-transformation you are, you can determine what needs to happen in order to complete your transformation. The egg stage is all about new beginnings. The larva stage (the caterpillar) is when you decide to build on your ideas that came out of the egg stage. The cocoon is about going inwards, growing your ideas, preparing them for manifestation in the physical world and finally, the hatching of the Butterfly is all about leaving the cocoon and giving birth to your ideas, sharing the colours and joy of your creation with the world.

By the way, the idea can be something very personal that is happening within yourself and as you develop that part of you as a result of creating an idea about yourself, you will eventually transform yourself in a way that is true to SELF. If you can understand this cycle of self-transformation you can use it to understand where you are right in this moment and what you can do next in order to continue in the cycle. What is so powerful about Butterfly medicine is the clarity it can give to your mental process. Most importantly, when you focus on the Butterfly you are ready to commit to some form of transformation. Butterfly medicine is all about courage too – by leaving the cocoon you are forced to use your new-found wings to fly so that you may discover and manifest the opportunities that you have created in the world.

On an astrological level, 2018 is all about building on what we started in 2017 and bringing order and structure into our lives. The energies of this year also empowers us to manifest what we have been dreaming and visualising for our lives. As 2018 is a Number 11 year in numerology we are surrounded by energies that support us in our dreams for a better, more fulfilling life. This is also the start of a 9- year cycle which tells us that over the following years we are all going to be in various stages of restructuring and manifestation. As the past few years have seen chaos, changes and frankly, some serious upheaval for many of us (shout out those who found 2017 particularly stressful!!!), we are encouraged to use the grounding energy that Earth brings into 2018, giving us the opportunity to find renewed strength to build a foundation for the life we want to live as well as bringing in stability and structure.

By embracing Butterfly medicine with the astrological energies of 2018, I choose to find my wings and bring into my world personal growth, increasing self-awareness, empowerment for myself as well as for others that wish to transform their lives for the better. And, of course, I choose to bring a lot of prettiness into my world.

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