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Kickstart your self-love and self-care goal with this beautiful journal designed to empower you to take small action steps every day. This one-month self-love challenge is about creating a new habit of loving yourself and giving back to yourself so you can give the best YOU to the world.


This delightful ebook can be printed and used to capture your daily goals and thoughts as you take on the self-love challenge.


The 77-page Self-Love Challenge Journal includes:

💖 Examples of self-love practices.

💖 Self-reflecting questions to create your "What self-love means to me" vision board.

 ðŸ’–Easy-to-follow instructions on how to use your self-love challenge journal.

💖 Four weekly and daily templates for morning and evening journaling with thought-provoking questions to help you prepare for the day and capture your daily experiences. 

💖 A weekly check-in page to write down your overall thoughts of the week and how you coped with the self-love challenge. 

💖 A Self-Love Reflection page with questions to guide you as you capture your thoughts after one month of doing the challenge. 



The Self Love Challenge Journal

  • A downloadable and printable PDF with 77 pages.

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