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The Journey Tree Spiritual Guidance

Why the Journey Tree?



It was while I was going through a difficult period in my own life that I was given trees, of all sizes, to plant in my new garden. I spent a month planting these trees, waking up early every morning, to plan my new garden, deciding where the trees should go and planting them with my own hands.


These trees started me on my life-path of change, their energies healing my tired, exhausted soul. By allowing myself to connect with their energies, I was able to discover a new thread of creation in my own life, a re-awakening of my own transformation and spiritual journey.


My garden, now a woodland of magnificent entities, continues to nourish and sustain me, continuously feeding my quest for new vision, self-growth and transformation.


I  encourage you to nourish and sustain your own “Journey Tree”, chosen by you, for you, as you take your own journey of change. By opening your heart to the spiritual dimension of trees, connecting with their energies so that they resonate with you, you will be bringing healing and transformation into your own life. 


The "Journey Trees" are indigenous to South Africa and have been carefully selected for their unique spiritual dimensions. 

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