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How to Project Your Spirituality Into Your Home

Updated: Jan 9

As a child, I was always in awe of walking into a deeply religious relative’s home. The walls were adorned with beautiful crosses with a soulful (in my young eyes) man hanging from them. Candles were often flickering on various window sills and at Christmas time, the nativity scene with moveable people kept me entertained for hours as I shuffled them around.

Projecting your religion or spirituality into your home, through different artifacts, is a wonderful way of integrating your spiritual beliefs into your daily life. These symbols remind you of what you value and how you want to live your life. Over the years, my partner and I have gathered objects from nature, various shops, and fayres to decorate our home.

Read on to discover what artifacts we have in our home as a symbol of our spiritual beliefs and shamanic lifestyle.

1. Natural Artifacts

Our spirituality is deeply entrenched in the natural environment. My existence is based on the connection I have with All that IS around me and even more so, all that is Mother Nature. Whenever I go for a walk outdoors, I collect anything that catches my eye. This could be a little stone, a dried leaf, a feather, a seedpod, or even a twisted stick that resonates with my soul.

All of these natural artifacts are scattered around our house, in beautiful plates, glass vases, wooden boxes, or made into hanging mobiles. Other items from nature include:

  • Seashells

  • Porcupine quills

  • Birds’ nests (that have fallen to the ground)

  • Rocks and pebbles

  • Discarded snail shells

  • Snakeskins

2. Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries are a wonderful way of adding color to any room in your house while letting you display your spirituality in a meaningful way. I have a large Tree of Life fabric hanging in our hallway and a deep blue mandala wall tapestry in our bedroom.

While I was living in Tanzania, I bought massive wall tapestries made in Kashmir. The woven creatures and people are ancient and connect with me on a deep spiritual level. The colors are burgundy, green, red, golden, and rusty orange. I’ve made one into a bedspread for our main bedroom and the other one is hanging down from our third floor down to our second floor.

3. Lanterns

I love lanterns and the Moroccan-style lanterns look beautiful both indoors and outdoors. Candles are a wonderful way of giving a room a soft ambiance and creating gentle energy. By using these lanterns in both our living room, our bedroom, and outdoors in our entertainment nook, I believe we’re allowing peaceful energies into our home.

4. Wall Decor

We have a couple of Tree of Life wall décor hanging on walls throughout our home. We also have large carvings of the beautiful crowned acacia tree placed on one wall, giving us the feeling of being out in the wild. Pictures of birds, butterflies, and other creatures adorn many of our walls.

Other wall décor includes:

  • Hanging chimes and bells

  • Dreamcatchers

  • Mirrors

  • Stained glass ornaments of feathers and a seahorse

  • Hanging lucky sea beans, other seed pods, feathers, and sticks

5. Drums

My partner loves playing the African drums and we have a few scattered around the house. Whenever we have a moon ritual or smudge the home, my partner plays one of these drums to bring in the spirits. He also often plays his favorite drum when we meditate before going to sleep.

Drums are a beautiful instrument for connecting with the spirit world and having a few bongos or African drums around the home is a good idea. They also display well, adding a reflection of your spirituality to any room décor.

6. Meditation Cushions and Mats

Meditation cushions and mats are not only useful for meditating but also look attractive in any room in the house. Many are made from stunning fabrics and their mere presence brings a touch of soulfulness to your home.

7. Buddhas, Money Frogs, and Incense Holders

Depending on your spiritual leanings, you may be inclined to include a few buddhas, money frogs, and incense holders in your home. I have my Laughing Buddha in my Place of Wellness, a money frog at our front door, and a few incense holders in various rooms around the house. We’re often burning incense and you can get some really beautiful holders.

8. Himalayan Salt and Rose Quartz Lamps

For us, a spiritual home needs to be full of positive and calming energies. While there are many ways of doing this, including a Himalayan Salt Lamp and a Rose Quartz lamp goes a long way to improving the energy in our rooms. They don’t only look attractive but they also give off a soft, gentle glow.

9. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes represent many things including growth, kindness, compassion, and wisdom. Hanging a few around your garden won’t go amiss. Wind chimes are used in the East to improve the flow of chi or one’s life energy. In Rome, these chimes were used to chase away the bad spirits. Whatever your reason for hanging wind chimes, you’ll enjoy the gentle, tinkling sounds they make.

10. Furnishing

Furnishing can play a big role in how you project your spirituality at home. For the more Bohemian-style home, you could scatter large floor cushions painted with shamanic symbols for guests to lounge on. We love our African-carved coffee tables and I’ve also got a beautiful Indonesian bench. A lot of our furnishing is made from natural wood and it all adds to our sense of being connected with the natural world.

Some people sleep on futons while others hang hammocks in their gardens for lazy afternoons outdoors while contemplating All that IS!

11. Plants

While our garden is full of stunning South African indigenous plants, helping to bring a bit of our favorite bush into the city life we live in, I also try to include some plants indoors. I say this rather reluctantly because I simply end up killing most indoor plants! However, in the past couple of years, I’ve started buying orchids as a way of having flowers in the home.

Plants are another way of connecting spiritually and having indoor plants simply keeps that connection grounded. If you don’t have a garden, find plants that’ll grow in your sunny rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Herbs do well on most windowsills that have some sunshine.

Why Do We Project Our Spirituality in Our Home?

Projecting our spirituality through the use of artifacts helps to ground the energy of our home and ourselves. A lot of our wall décor is actually handcrafted by my partner and me during times of spiritual reflection and they represent our connection with Great Spirit.

Our home is our sanctuary and we find great peace and solace being surrounded by precious items that also symbolize our shamanic and spiritual beliefs. Living in the city can be challenging especially for us lovers of the great outdoors. By bringing nature into our home, we feel a step closer to our spirituality.

We believe our home is for healing, for ourselves, and for anyone that enters our house. By projecting our spirituality through using artifacts such as wall décor, natural items, and furnishing, we’re enhancing the healing energies of our home.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your spiritual or religious leanings are, projecting it through décor and artifacts is one way of helping you to remain connected with what you believe in. I find it comforting, soul-restoring, and peaceful to live in a home that reflects my spirituality. And, I have lots of fun collecting the items too! How would you go about projecting your spirituality at home?

This post was originally published on June 28, 2021, and updated on September 16th, 2022.

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