• Jana Field

Responsibility...or do you play the blame game?

Responsibility. What a grown-up word that is. Scary too when it means you are the only one who can be responsible for whatever choices you make, for wherever you find yourself, how you behave or talk to someone. It’s all comes down to responsibility.

Responsibility. The ability to respond. To respond means that you have thought things through very carefully and then taken the appropriate steps. It is the opposite to react. Reaction comes from a place of fear and shows up as anger, judgement, irritation, shame, guilt. It makes sense then to be responsible, surely?

Responsibility. It means dropping the blame. It means acknowledging all those stories you have carried for so long, blaming someone else for what “happened to you”. Blaming someone else for your “misfortunes”. Blaming someone else for the “wrong choices” you have made in life. Being responsible means knowing that you are playing the blaming game, being the victim until one day you decide, ‘Enough. I want to move on”. It means letting go of all those stories you carried and told that no longer serve you. It means becoming a survivor, no longer the victim.

Responsibility. Realising how much you justify a situation just so that you can avoid taking responsibility for the situation you find yourself. “I hate my job but I don’t have a choice” kind of situations that don’t serve you positively and yet you don’t want to take the responsibility of waking up and realising that you do have a choice. You can change any situation you find yourself unhappy about. Simply take responsibility.

Responsibility. Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Responsibility. Sharing the burdens with someone else.

Responsibility. Choosing to show compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

Responsibility. Taking back your power.

Ask yourself the following question when you find yourself blaming or justifying:

“Who is in control here? Who holds the power here?”

Now, ask yourself the following question when you take responsibility:

“Who is in control here? Who holds the power here?”

Responsibility is a BIG word. It requires courage, self-awareness and the willingness to change for the better. It allows for empowerment on a very BIG scale. On such a big scale that you find yourself no longer blaming and justifying, choosing to conquer all those fears that have held you back for so long that making choices and decisions no longer frighten you but rather help you to grow and develop in ways you never thought possible. And, when you do fail, your response is to acknowledge the lesson learnt and keep going, rather than to fall into the blame/justify game.

Take responsibility for your stories. Identify the ones that no longer serve you. Let them go. Burn them. Forgive them. Do whatever it takes but take responsibility. Respond with compassion, understanding and love.

Responsibility puts you in the driver’s seat. It’s empowering. It’s freedom. It’s thrilling. It’s growth.

Enjoy the ride.


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