• Jana Field

Investing in a good life coach - what are the benefits?

You have been thinking for a long time about hiring a life coach. You’ve done your homework. You’ve googled the numerous life coaches available to you. You are about to take the big step of investing in a life coach when you hesitate.

Investing in a life coaching programme requires your commitment, willingness to change, your money and your time. This is a lot of investment for one person to put into their own personal development, you may be asking. You may also be asking, “What are the benefits of hiring a life coach?”.

As a life coach, I have no hesitation in telling you that you will be making one of the most valuable investments of your life when hiring a good life coach. What is more valuable than giving yourself the greatest gift of all – growing yourself so that you may find personal confidence, freedom and success?

Some of the many benefits of hiring a life coach includes:

· Making and saving more money. Many clients report that during and after a coaching programme, they not only made more money but they also began to save more money. As they began to focus on prioritising work that they loved and wanted to do, their self-worth and drive increased. They began to adopt a prosperity consciousness as they placed more value on what they loved doing. A coach will help their clients to shift any financial limiting beliefs they may have and help them to find ways of making more money and spending less on things that are not important to them.

· Discovering how to make more of your life. As you begin to discover your true values, your coach will help you to align your goals to them and not to anyone else’s expectations. By learning to ditch what isn’t working for you and integrating what does, you will learn to increase the quality and depth of your life experiences.

· Creating stronger and more diverse networks for success. Through such networks, it becomes easier to find assistance, knowledge, connections and support. The coach can assist their clients in making plans to attract high quality people and opportunities into their lives.

· Making better decision through better perspectives. A coach gives you the space to discuss any concerns or ideas you may have. By being objective, the coach can help you to make decisions that are more effective and relevant to your life. By identifying “blind spots” in your perceptions of the world, your coach can assist you to remove such “blind spots” so that you have far greater understanding and success.

· Faster personal development. A coach equips their clients with tools and techniques that empowers them to increase their rate of personal development through finding a level of clarity and purpose in their lives. Without this objective and independent support that a coach offers, clients would battle to find the clarity and purpose on their own.

· Extending your boundaries. By extending your boundaries beyond your comfort zone, the coach will help you increase your confidence and ability to handle a variety of situations. A coach can help you to raise many of your different skills e.g. communication, enabling you to better understand, accept and influence those around you.

· Increasing your drive to achieve your goal. Coaches actively listen to their clients and put together development strategies that talk to their specific client. This will make clients feel not only respected for who they are, but also unique and special. A coach holds their clients accountable for achieving their dreams and by feeling listened to and supported, clients will find increased energy to “get out there and succeed!”.

· A constructive relationship. Imagine a relationship where you finally break free of self-limiting conversations, where the voices of self-sabotage are simply recognised for what they are and that the powerful part of you is always encouraged? This is the relationship of a coach and client – offering the client a place to visit consistently and regurlary….to consolidate, to integrate, to find inspiration over and over again and to push on. (Courtesy: New Insights).

As I work with more and more clients, I can vouch for the benefits playing out in their lives. Often the benefits start to play out almost immediately, almost as if the Universe is responding by acknowledging your investment of loving-kindness and commitment to yourself as you choose to make the change you want to see in your own life by investing in a good coaching programme. Go on, sign up, you won’t regret it.


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