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What support do you need to make your dreams possible?

I am learning one of my biggest lessons right now. I am learning that there are so many people out there who genuinely want to help and they offer this help with love. For years I have always handled my things my way, on my own. Any dreams I had, I would pursue on my own. Any goals I needed to achieve, I would tackle alone, not believing that others were really interested in what I was striving to achieve. I didn’t expect anyone else to be bothered, let alone interested.

Until recently, when the Universe decided to teach me one of my biggest lessons in humanity. A few months back, I was “forced” to start a fundraising journey for a cause that I not only live with but which I am also passionate about. I say “forced” because never in my wildest dreams would I have considered a) fundraising. That word makes me go cold and b) asking for help for such a personal cause. Cringe moment! Well, as the saying goes, “never say never” and today, I am in the midst of a very exciting, rewarding and fun fundraising journey.

As a transformational life coach, I teach my clients about responsibility and that only they can be responsible for achieving their goals and dreams. However, I do tell them that they may ask others to help and support them along the way (why are we so quick to give advice to others but never take that same advice for ourselves?) People are amazing resources to have and often times, when we share our goals and dreams, those who know us (and also those who don’t know us) will do what they can to help us move forward.

Support can come in many forms and when seeking to achieve a goal, it’s always a good idea to sit down and work out what support you need. People can offer support financially, with invaluable guidance and advice, by believing in you, by cheering you along on the side-line, putting you in contact with the right connections and even, just by being your sounding board.

When I first started on my fundraising journey, I had no plan but I knew what I needed to achieve. At the time it seemed daunting and near impossible the amount I wanted to raise. I simply put it out there by sending an email to everyone I knew. The responses have been amazing and the ideas that people have been coming up with to help me achieve this goal are ideas that I would never have thought up myself. So, by putting it out there, not only did I give people the opportunity to give in ways that they could but I also opened myself up to a network of people that I never knew before.

The other day as part of an exercise I was doing, the coach said to me, “Ask your Inner Guru what support would serve you best and allow yourself to imagine that it might just be possible”. A few years back, my ideas of support would have been different and certainly would not have included reaching out to people, many of them virtual strangers. Now, I know that “people” support serves in one of the best ways possible and yes, I can imagine just how much CAN be possible. It’s being proved to me right now that so much can be possible when one asks for support.

If you are finding yourself struggling to achieve something, I challenge you to sit down and think about who could help you along the way and then I challenge you to reach out. Allow yourself to imagine that it might just be possible after all.

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