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When all else fails...laugh!

This week, as a shamanic group, we have been focusing on the power of laughter. Osho talks about the value of laughter. He says that life is only a cosmic joke after all. We tend to take life so seriously and when we do, we lose all spontaneity. This stops laughter in its track! Osho warns of seriousness being a disease and that there is nothing spiritual about seriousness. He says “Spirituality is laughter. Spirituality is joy. Spirituality is fun”.

When I saw these lovely words, I realised just how serious I had been getting about life lately and it’s certainly not fun when you realise that you haven’t had a good laugh in a while! This got me thinking a lot today about laughter and the power it has to make oneself and others feel so much better about life especially when we are taking things too seriously.

I remember, how as a child, I laughed all the time. The innocence and trust that a child has in life is such a gift and they show it by laughing. I challenge anyone out there who is not touched by the magic of a child’s laughter.

As a family, we grew up finding the funny side of things even when life was throwing rotten tomatoes at us! Often, we would sit round the dinner table discussing a serious event that was taking place in one of our lives and we could be guaranteed that either our father or one of our siblings would turn it around and lighten the seriousness by finding the funny side of it. Soon, we would all be laughing and somehow, the seriousness was taking down a few notches!

As I sit here, right now, writing this blog, I can hear a group of people outside chatting and laughing – in particular, one lady’s laughter is infectious and makes me smile every time I hear her. Think of all the people in your life who make you laugh with their jokes, their own laughs – I bet you are smiling now as you think of them!

We all of that one friend who knows how to make us laugh. This one friend has a knack for looking at life simply for what it is – a big joke! These are people that lift our souls when we are weary, who take us out of our misery when everything seems dark, who are able to make us feel good again just by simply making us laugh.

Sometimes when doing life coaching and spiritual work, a lot of inner work needs to take place and we can end up being too serious about life. While it is important to grow through self-awareness we must also try to always have a sense of playfulness in our lives so that we can still experience the joy and fun of life. One of the ways to make spirituality fun is to be aware of the magic of the Universe through the messages that are sent to us. I encourage my clients to have some fun with spirituality by looking out for these messages which can come through repetitive numbers, spirit animals, music, words. Playing this game with the Universe certainly lights up my life and there are many times I catch myself laughing at the pure Magic that is the Universe.

SMILE – when you smile, already your soul is lifted and before you know it, you may even find yourself laughing! Learn to laugh at yourself.

One of the greatest gifts you can give someone else is to help them find their laughter again when they are finding their lives becoming too serious. A good, deep laugh that comes from the very depth of your belly will soon have so much good energy flowing around that you will suddenly find things in your life flowing with ease again.

So, as Osho so wisely says, life is a joke so drop the seriousness and bring back the laughter in your life so that you may feel the joy and fun of LIFE.

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