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Your vocation chooses you

As I was reading various news clips today, I came across an article about Jim Carrey. His words, which I have borrowed for my blog title today, caught my attention – “Your vocation chooses you”. While I am sure he had some humorous twist to this, I do actually believe this. I also believe that, until we are open to listening to our intuition, we will work in vocations that do not make us happy. Through my coaching work, I come across many clients who are unhappy with their careers. Many will stay in a job for years, despite being so obviously unhappy, until one day they wake up and realise that so many years have gone by, mostly in a haze of reluctant acceptance of where they are, only to now realise that maybe, just maybe, they don’t have to accept the unhappiness that comes with being in the wrong vocation.

Why do we go into a vocation that is really not for us? Maybe we didn’t know what we wanted to do when we left school so we took the first option that came along and by default, happened to stay in that option. Maybe we felt the need to make our parents proud so we followed in their footsteps despite hating every moment of it. We listened to what others told us we should be doing and before we knew it, there we find ourselves in a job that someone else dreamed of as “ideal” but was not our own dream. I like to believe that we had forgotten to tune into our intuition and hear the whispers that were telling us what we should be doing. Whatever the reason, the day we wake up and suddenly find ourselves questioning our choice of vocation is the day we are finally listening to our intuition, to our deep, inner Self, nudging at us to now take note, to value our own Truth, to take a long hard look at where we are and start facing where we actually would like to be.

This brings me to the next point – many of my clients who are unhappy in their current vocation actually do know what they would like to do, especially when they dare to listen to their intuition, but they deny themselves the chance to explore their true vocation. “It’s all pie in the sky” , they would say or “What’s the point, I am too old now to change my job” or “I will never make money out of following my dream vocation”. When we do decide to pursue a vocation that meets our true calling, we may face many difficulties along the way. This also causes many of us to deny ourselves the vocation we really want to follow. We allow our limiting beliefs to hold us back. I find the following advice from Sarah Renee very useful:

“In our society, its common practice to “sell your soul” for a paycheck. However, when we pursue what we really want to do we can also expect the following growing pains to happen:

  • Feeling a lack of support from others.

  • Resentment from others.

  • Jealousy.

  • Seeing that the truth about certain people and industries may be different than what you thought.

  • Feeling misunderstood.

  • A desire to do things differently.

  • Loss of friends.

  • Failure.

  • Fear.

  • Challenges with handling all of the business and income you wanted, but weren’t prepared for.

  • Commitment issues.

  • Having to make risky choices.

  • The struggle to follow your intuition in business when it defies logic.

All of these obstacles can be overwhelming and depressing, but if you stay focused on your ultimate goal, you can move beyond them. Create a collage or journal that reminds you of why you’re doing what you do. What do you hope to accomplish? What’s your mission? What are the real reasons you started this work, before it was about paying the bills or supporting your family?

Have something you can look at on the days you want to quit, or the days you feel tempted to take a short cut, that reminds you of the purity of your motives, that reminds you of your passion, your goal, and your cause. Ask for help and listen to advice, but at the end of the day, run everything by your own intuition. Make sure every decision feels right to you. Trust that as you are growing, as long as you are staying in integrity and remembering why you began this mission, you deserve to celebrate your success. Most of all Be Grateful. You have the chance to create real change- through your business, in your company, in your family. Do not take that for granted”

Most often, as Jim Carrey said, our vocation does choose us. Sometimes, it just takes us a while to realise that.

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