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Does your pain serve you?

I have just finished reading Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now”. It’s a book that one reads over and over again so that all of its wisdom can be absorbed and applied into one’s daily life. I have written before about the power of living in the “moment”. It’s not an easy thing to do especially when everything seems to be going wrong in our lives. Life happens. We let these events take over and before we know it, we have made them our story, our drama, our identity. This creates a lot of pain for us – emotionally and if not dealt with, eventually physically.

One of the hardest things to do is to let go of this identity as we fear losing ourselves when we do. We all gravitate towards being the victim. Yet, all we are doing is prolonging our pain, our self-inflicted misery as we tell everyone around us and ourselves our story. We allow our mind to go into overdrive, our thoughts swirling round and round, causing chaos within and without. In this state we forget that we are not honouring our Self. This does not serve us.

I read a good description of the ‘Power of Now” the other day. It talks about how “you are dropping the weight of the past and the stress of the future to focus only on what’s happening right in this very moment so you can actually do something. As things happen in the current moment, you can apply the lessons you’ve learned in the past without letting it take over. As you strive towards your goals you can make future plans without getting caught up in a daydream of what “may” happen. Focus on what’s happening right now and everything else will fall into place”.

The power of now is not letting the past and the future overwhelm us. The power of now gives us the gap we need to drop the pain. The power of now does not allow our mind to take over, causing chaos within and without. The power of now will serve us if we allow it to. It requires acceptance of our thoughts but then letting them go. It requires us to acknowledge that we have slipped into the unconscious instead of striving to be conscious. The power of now gives us permission to let go of the pain without fearing we will lose our Self.

Take a deep breath and allow the power of now to awaken your consciousness so that you may free yourself of the pain that is so unnecessary and does not serve you.

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