• Jana Field

Choosing knowledge to empower yourself.

How often do we read self-help books, hoping, somehow magically, they will transform our lives? Those motivational quotes that make us nod our heads in agreement, thinking that the words will help us to make the positive change we want to make? We, ourselves, can sprout words of advice to our friends when they are battling with some dilemma yet we do not take those very same words of advice for ourselves when we find ourselves in similar situations.

I read something the other day that resonated with me and once again, reinforced a very strong message – “Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is empowering”. By applying all the knowledge, the wisdom, that we read and hear about, by actually integrating them into our daily lives, we are then empowering ourselves. When we have chosen to apply the knowledge that is true we will realise that we can change our self-destructive habits and that we can toss out those limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. When we do this do we then begin to transform our lives by embracing and integrating the knowledge that does serve us into our daily lives.

“Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch talks about how to make your life “take off” by acknowledging that Life is a process of creation. The three levels of creation – thought, word and action – is knowledge you could consider applying to your own life when you choose for your life to “take off”. By choosing the process of creation, you choose to “think, speak, act as YOU ARE” (Your Truth). Ponder on the following paragraph and then think about how you can use this very powerful knowledge to empower you so that you may transform your own life:

“Go first to your Highest Thought about yourself. Imagine the you that you would be if you lived that thought every day. Imagine what you would think, do and say and how you would respond to what others do and say”.

Now, apply this knowledge, every single day, into your own life and feel yourself becoming empowered. Watch what happens – be careful though…..your life might just “take off”!!!


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