• Jana Field

It's a kind of Magic.

“Magic, it's a kind of magic,

It's a kind of magic, magic, magic, magic, magic,

It's magic”


I have written about signs and messages before but I want to remind and ask you again – just how observant are you to the signs and messages our spirit guides send us? When we pray and ask for guidance to problems we are facing or advice about how to handle a situation, we need to be alert and observant for the answers that may come in ways we least expect.

Over the years, I have learnt to appreciate the flow and repeat of numbers that appear to me, the songs that suddenly drop into my mind, over and over again. An unusual sighting or sound of an animal often sends me messages, even the people that cross my paths at times that seem so random and then I realise that they have been sent by my spirit guides as a way to assure me that they are listening and they are helping me.

One evening, after a particularly enlightening evening with my shaman teacher and other aspiring shamans, I left the house to hear Freddy Mercury belting out, in my mind, “It’s a kind of magic”. Believe me; it was a kind of magic that evening and hearing this song reminded me, wholeheartedly and with love and gratitude, to appreciate how fortunate I was to have experienced such a magical evening.

Just recently, a little sparrow knocked hard on my window – this is not the first time I have received a message this way. I looked up at her and realised she was asking me to take note of her message. As I said thank you, she flew away, knowing she had done her job. The message I took from the sparrow? “No matter how small you feel, never underestimate the power within yourself”. Two hours later I found myself in a situation where normally I would have shied away from the interaction. Instead, I remembered the little sparrow and stood up for myself, proudly. The outcome was empowering and I engaged with a person that I normally would not have had the courage to share my own journey with.

Our world is full of the magic that is our Universe. All you need to do is open your eyes to the miracles that do exist. Embrace it all – after all, it is a kind of magic.


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