• Jana Field

Meditation - it's really that simple.

Let me start from saying right now that I am no expert on meditation. What I can say though, is that I have been doing it for the past 3 years and if I do not have my hour‘s meditation slot before going to bed, I will feel that I have not completed my day.

Many of my clients, when exploring their spirituality, ask what they should do to start their journey. I always reply with one word, “Meditate”. Why? For me, spirituality is about grounding oneself, connecting with the spirit world around me, becoming one with the whole. It’s about Existence, connecting with the universe and all its’ wonders. I find meditation is one of the best ways to find this connection, this grounding, to simply just BE.

I see the panic setting in on my clients’ faces as they hear the word “meditation”. The excuses start pouring out, “Oh, but I can’t keep still for more than 2 minutes”, “My mind is always full of thoughts”, “There is no ways I can empty my mind and be still”, “I don’t have time to meditate” and “There’s nowhere for me to meditate”. The best is “I thought meditation was for those hippies, you know, the ones who sit cross-legged and hum while visualizing beautiful forests”. I let these excuses run their course and then I quietly proceed to tell my clients how I meditate – quite simply really.

I create a little ritual every evening. I sometimes meditate in bed. Other times I use my Place of Wellness, my healing room. I set the timer on my phone, light some incense, turn off the lights and then close my eyes. Sometimes, before I close my eyes, I use my singing bowl for 5 minutes to settle my mind and clear the energy. I focus for a few seconds on my breathing and then I speak to my favourite spirit guide. Sometimes, I have an urge to connect with one of my spirit animals but whoever it is, I greet them and they greet me back. From then onwards, I ask for help, set my intentions for the meditation or simply ask for guidance, advice or let my guides decide what I need to know.

Meditation has taken me to places I never thought I would go to. I have seen faces, symbols, signs that sometime make sense to me but most times don’t! I don’t question them; I just accept them for what they are. Occasionally, I will have a vision of something or someone – I am still learning to accept these visions. I use meditation to heal others and to heal myself. Most importantly, meditation helps me to connect with those around me who I know love, support and protect me at all times, have no judgment of me and whom I can trust to guide me in good times and bad. It’s a very reassuring place to be.

When I started meditation, I was also skeptical until one evening I just knew I had to do it. So, setting my timer for 5 minutes, I sat in my bed, closed my eyes and focused on my breaths, counting each breath up to 100 and then counting backwards from 100 until the 5 minutes was up. I let any thoughts that came into my mind wander in. I acknowledged them but then went back to my breaths and continued counting them….99,98.97.96….I did this for a few nights until I felt I could step it up to 10 minutes. Then I was able to do 15 minutes with my eyes shut and a fairly calm mind. I don’t know when it was that I realised I was in a deep state of meditation, but it was after a few weeks of starting the process when I realised one evening, that I was in another “state of mind”. From then onwards, I aimed to do an hour every night. I have learnt many other ways of using meditation to do shaman journeys, to heal , to discover my past lives and to meet those who have moved on.

There are many books detailing how one can meditate, many courses one can take and if one googles the word “meditation” on the Internet, there are endless articles about meditation and how one should go about getting into that “perfect state of meditation”. I don’t discourage my clients from learning more about meditation but I do encourage them to go the simple route and just start simply. From then onwards, your journey of discoveries will take you where you should be taken. It’s really that simple.


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