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13 Awesome Gifts for the Spiritual Dad (or any man in your life)

Father’s Day is around the corner but buying an awesome gift for your spiritual dad can happen any time of the year. Are you one of those kids who raises their eyebrows whenever dad starts “ohming” or strikes a cool yoga pose while whipping up breakfast?

Or, do you think he’s such an amazing guy because he’s so into exploring all that is spiritual? Either way, I’m sure you still want to give him something meaningful as an acknowledgment of his spiritual journey.

Here’s my list of 13 awesome gifts you can get your super-spiritual dad whenever you feel like spoiling him.

1. Tiger's Eye Mens' Bracelet

This adjustable bracelet would look good on anyone's wrist! It's designed to help alleviate stress, bring a sense of relief, and for emotional cleansing. It's made with natural tiger eye stone which is known to balance one's energies. These stones have been used since ancient times for healing and for bringing calmness to one's state of mind, body, and soul.

2. Divine Magic Handmade Yellow Crystal Healing Money Tree

If your dad is the breadwinner of the home then help him along with bringing in the money! This stunning citrine crystal tree can be used during any meditation when focusing on the Law of Attraction. It's known to help you manifest wealth, abundance, and prosperity. This beautifully crafted crystal tree would look good in any living room, bedroom, or dad's study.

3. Buddha Quotes Wall Decor

This handmade Buddha quotes wall decor will inspire your dad whenever he reads them. He can place them in his meditation room, home office, or in his den. Reading inspirational quotes is one of the best ways to motivate yourself and going Zen-style shows your dad you appreciate his spiritual journey.

4. Leather Journal Travel Diary

Is your dad always on the road for business? Let him write down all his spiritual musings in this beautiful leather journal that he can take with him on all his trips. Journaling is a wonderful tool for reflecting on your inner self and all that IS. This journal comes with a stylish pen too.

5. Smoky Quartz Pendant Chakra Necklace

A special gift for all our male healers out there! This pendant chakra necklace is made with genuine crystal and stamped with a blue healing howlite stone. When used as a healing tool, it directs emotional, physical, and mental energies for more balance and harmony. It can be used to unblock the chakras and for increasing one's spiritual awareness.

6. Conversations With God - Neale Donald Walsh

I was given this book to read by my partner. This was one of the first books he read when he started exploring his own spirituality. If your father is looking for answers to his many questions about life and spirituality, then get him this book. He'll also enjoy reading the other books in this series.

I have written book reviews on other great books around spirituality. You'll find my list of five top spiritual books in this blog.

7. Manifest That Sh#t Law of Attraction Funny Spiritual T-Shirt

I do believe Osho would have seen the humor in this and so should your spiritual dad! This is a great gift idea for you kids who can't wrap your heads around the fact that your father is manifesting to his heart's content through connecting with the universe. But, deep inside you have great admiration for him taking his spiritual life seriously. Your spiritual dad will wear this T-shirt with pride because he knows his kid cares.

8. The Urban Shaman - Serge Kahlil King

If your dad is interested in shamanism then he has to read this book. The author shares the principles of shamanism in this book and introduces the concept of being a shaman. It's a fascinating book, allowing the reader to practice being a shaman in today's world without having to undergo an extensive apprenticeship in the wilds.

9. Manduka Performance Yoga Jogger

Get your dad a pair of comfortable performance yoga pants. These are made with polyester, cotton, and spandex. So, not only will your father be sweat-free with breathable fabric but his every movement will not be constricted by tight yoga clothing. These pants will also look cool on your dad so he'll blend well into the beginner's yoga class he's just signed up to!

10. Satya Incense Gift Set

Burning incense while doing yoga or meditation helps to release any stagnant energy stored in the body or in the room. This set of incense comes in a range of different scents such as sandalwood, lavender, and patchouli. I love to burn incense whenever I want to cleanse my home or connect more deeply with my own spirits. Your dad will feel the same way!

11. Tibetan Singing Bowl

Gift your dad an authentic Tibetan singing bowl. A wonderful tool for any mindfulness journey or simply for those days when dad is feeling frazzled and stressed. The sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl are known to calm down the brain waves and restore one's energy levels to an even keel. I use mine every day before I go into a meditation, and at times when I need to soothe my overthinking or worried mind.

12. Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

Made with salt crystals from the Himalayan mountains, these salt lamps not only create a beautiful amber glow in the room. But, they also possess healing properties. I use mine in my own healing room whenever I have clients or when I go into a meditation. Oftentimes, it's on just to give me a sense of calmness and harmony.

13. Cupimatch Men Tree of Life Symbol Pendant Necklace and Leather Bracelet

Treat your dad to both a Tree of Life pendant necklace and a leather bracelet with the same symbol. The Tree of Life represents family, peace, health, and spirituality. Trees hold a magnitude of spiritual meanings and wearing the Tree of Life connects you both to the Earth and the Above.

Final Thoughts

The fathers in our lives play a very special and unique role. To honor your dad who is on a spiritual journey, give him a gift he'll treasure and appreciate. This is one way you can show you care for him as a father and as a spiritual being in your life.

This post was originally published on June 8th, 2021, and updated on June 10th, 2022.

* Any product links mentioned in this blog are "paid links."

** Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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