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“I loved working with Jana. She is kind and caring, yet strong and very encouraging. Coaching is the perfect tool to learn more about yourself and to work through your blockages to reach your goals and to reach your true potential” Hulda

"Coaching is a guide to help you achieve what is within you but needs help in coming out. Coaching has helped me to truly believe in myself and to take responsibility, without fear or doubt” Anna

“My experience with life coaching has been a blessing, mind-opening and spiritually liberating. If you are thinking of hiring a coach don’t think about it, JUST DO IT!” - Vuma

"For many years I lived with a number of uncertainties that I did not know how deal with and that they were having a negative impact on my life. However, after the first couple of sessions with Jana the uncertainties that were restricting my progress were identified. With Jana's guidance and assistance I was able to change these negative aspects which has resulted in my life becoming much more fulfilling and serene and also providing me with a personal development plan going forward. Although I did not know Jana before my course, she became my trusted advisor and friend and someone that will always make herself available should I need guidance or advice" - Mario